Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7th: Weeks and Weeks Since I Wrote a Letter

Well it has been a really long time since I have written a letter, the reason was for school and because I needed to do some essays "puff, I hate essays" but as I was brainstorming my mind for essays all I could think of was how much I love my heavenly father, I am so blessed, the word "humble" means so much more to me as a missionary. The power of Christ has lifted me up and has blessed me with the warmth of the Holy Ghost. This past week we where pleased to see and baptize Daniel and Jorge Santos! Man it was so incredible! And to top it off it was after a stake conference and our mission president was there! So that was cool! Also the Fernandez family will be baptized this Saturday! And we have had and seen many more miracles again in the week! We have had seriously people walk up and ask us to be taught! Woooooooooow!

So the baptism was so amazing, I have not seen a baptism with so many people present before! There were a good hundred people and I’m sure that Daniel and Jorge felt welcome! The best part was when President showed up and stayed all throughout conference and even the baptism! He shook their hands then shared the most humble and sweet testimony that I have not even heard; he shared about his first baptism and how it was with his grandpa. I love my mission president! To be honest I have loved both of my presidents in the mission, one has taught me the most obedience and why and then love, its amazing, I’m striving to find this balance in my life which will help me become a better leader, the way to do it is for an example. When we are constantly striving to do our best then we will receive the blessings. So I baptized Jorge, he was so hard to teach but it was so great to see him in white, that kid though has some serious concentration problems! And Daniel was giddy as he entered the water and when he left I saw a huge smile emerge from the water! What a great sight to see!

I also got the chance to go to a conference with all the leaders of the missions, how crazy it is to see 8 of my ex companions there! It likes a great friend reunion, but hey I have had the best companions ever! So every month I get to go and say hi to them! So that was really cool. President Diaz taught us about the importance of becoming one with the Savior and working on obtaining more attributes of Christ.

The Fernandez family is doing really well! They will get baptized this Saturday and they passed the interview last night! Woooow!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16th, 2015

This week flew by and to be honest I feel really old! My knees hurt but guess what! It does not really matter! Because I enjoy the mission so much! This week we had a great conference with president, we taught a new family and we had a bunch of people come to church! We also taught so many people! Being a busy missionary is the best because I just feel like I am the Lords servant, and the Lord has a busy Schedule! I’m so happy for the Book of Mormon! It’s such a powerful tool to help us become better!

So the knees do hurt, they make that crackling sound now, I feel like I’m seriously becoming like my mom, stair climbing with my knees and ankles popping ha-ha but I love the good workout and I know that the Lord has sent me here because he has something planned for me! We are teaching three family’s and to be honest its really tiring, I love teaching Young family’s, but trying to teach and listen to screaming children that run around and throw things is really hard to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the spirit leaves, the contrary, the spirit is always there when children are present, they give the best answers and parents always feel like they need to help their children.  When we teach the plan of salvation its the best when little kids are running around, its the eternal perspective of the family! Why would I ever wish to teach a lesson like that without the kids present! That would be foolish!

The H. family is doing well, Karen is fighting the smoking addiction and I hope she can make it!  She is smoking 4 every day, but she was smoking like 20, so I have the faith  Her kids are the best and to see them all at church is awesome! Juan Manuel, who has a walking problem, went up with Nortia and they sang in the primary program! It was so awesome and it moved everyone to tears to see Juan Manuel walk back to his mom smiling.  It was the icing on top of the cake for my Sunday.  They are progressing and they are all dying to be baptized.  It all depends on Karen, if she quits smoking then they all get baptized, if not then they don’t, for now, but they can do it! Lets go Herrera family!

The S. family is the family who are the most prepared to get baptized.  Daniel was a Jehovah witness before and he is very happy and ready to be baptized! His son Jorge is the funniest dude in the world; he loves soccer so much that it makes me like soccer even more! They are firmly set on getting baptized and we are getting ready for their baptism.  They don’t want to be baptized in front of a bunch of people "the 29 is stake conference" and our mission president will be there so it would be sweet to baptize 6 people! They are very happy-

We are also teaching the F. family, they are the best and the kids have all beem baptized, but the mom and dad no, why? Hahaha thats what I thought as well but then we found out that they had to divorce their other spouses before getting married to each other.  But they believe in everything and they accepted a baptism date for the 13 of Dec. Vamos Valpo!

Really guys I love teaching family’s, I hope that every day the family may be a part of your lives, keep striving to be the best you may be!

I was so glad to get in a jumpsuit for service!

We both finished our Rabies shots this week!  The battle was nuts!

Well I got my last shot from South America!

P.S.  the nurse was a total hipster, I can’t believe she let us take pictures!

After many tears, the shots are over