Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23rd, 2015

This week was absolutely nuts! Wow I can’t believe all that happened! First we seriously did some old school preaching, yes like we spoke at a funeral in front of tons of people! I felt like Alma and Amulek! It was awesome! We also taught the power of the atonement in almost every lesson, we found ourselves a family! The Olmos family is so awesome! We are working so hard together! Also we found new investigators to teach and have a bunch of crazy stories! I also have been a little sick and I also received a serious welfare package from my family! Yeeeeeesss! Lets begin!

So first off I had a great time in Vina as I traveled there to have a meeting with all the other district leaders in the mission! It was so awesome to see all my friends and my old companions, almost all of them are district leaders or zone leaders now, so I got to see elder Allred, Elder Ammirati and I heard of Elder Artiga, all of them are great and working so hard! Man I’m proud of those guys hahaha! We learned a bunch and I love the moments when we can feel the love of Christ testifying the things of which I know to be true in my heart every day, especially when we have been working through trials, what blessings! Seriously everything this week was a testimony builder, as a mission we have a lot to do to get better and be better, and it all starts with the us personally, faith has no limits, so we need to magnify our callings! I loved it! Elder Allred was pumped and Elder Ammiriati is training as well, for your info!

So the familia olmos, where do I begin........well lets see as we entered the second lesson we had plans to talk to everyone in the house, we where so stoked that she invited her husband. As soon as we walked in we could feel the spirit and it felt and looked like a Mormons house! hahaha it was awesome! The kids all want to be baptized but the husband is giving us a little bit of grief, he is all in but he wants a dream to testify of the book of Mormon first! So we are looking for his "dream" dream on! BABY DREAM ON! haha but they all went to stake conference and it was great! They will be a great family in the church.

This week we also got a call and it was from a random guy, who knows how he got our number and he asked us to speak at a funeral that was taking place and to hurry over to his house! So we went running over there and we found a house with cars lining the street and all these people, like forty people "Which is a ton for one lesson"   Anyway, so they are all sitting down around us in this house and they are sitting down in this by this body. We both stood up and taught about the plan of salvation, it was crazy! I felt the spirit so strong and after I was spiritually drained!  We have a ton of new investigators now!

I was a little sick, I finally called the nurse and I am on medicine! Wooooow! 

We are great! My district has all baptized this month! Happiness!

These are pictures of the February 2015 District Trainer Meeting from the Vina Del Mar Mission Blog.  http://misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th, 2015: Transfers

Wow! I cannot tell you guys how sad I am that transfers came and they had to break up the best companionship on the face of the earth but everything has its season right? Well I have been given a special assignment and I am still in Valparaiso but with my new companion Elder Santa Ana! That’s right the translation is Sant-Ana  haha or holly Ana! But he is from Santiago Chile and he is so coooooooool! I got my call from the assistants the day of and they told me that I would be receiving a missionary from the mission of El Salvador. This means he switched missions! It was a little weird for him and he did not like the change but it was because of his health, so I am helping him make some adjustments and be a missionary here! I’m so grateful for my lord and savior Jesus Christ that he has put his trust in me to be a missionary and representative of him here on the earth! How great is my calling! Elder Santa Ana is seriously just like my trainer Elder Artiga, he likes to dance salsa, he loves to smile and he is super goofy and sometimes I just laugh at what he does, he is always saying happy things and he loves to talk, I think we will be great together and work hard!

Bad news was that Valentines Day has passed and here it’s way worse then the USA! Haha but there are a bunch of crazy people running around buying and doing ridiculous stuff to impress the "women of their dreams" yuck! hahaha I did not get anything, I must be turning into a valentines day hater haha but hey who knows but all I do know was that there was a lot of flowers and huge teddy bears all over the place! 

We are working hard and I am trying to better myself in every action, thought and word. It is really hard sometimes to always be in the right state of mind but we always stay focused and we will end up doing what’s right! As for baptisms the life and salvation is coming through hard! I'm so stoked for the work and I really feel like these past few months has flown right past my eyes, working hard and working rightly before god will make this life the most sweet and flavorful life that we can live, oh how fast does time go by! I’m so happy to be here as a missionary and to be working as hard as possible and to feel the love of my savior, how can I improve? Work harder haha and the lord will continue to bless us!

Funny stories of the week my companion is hilarious, so we have fleas, go figure but he is dying and he is from Chile! Every morning I make my bed but his he sleeps on just the mattress and I feel like he is dying hahaha I will send a picture of his bed, he likes to sleep in a rat nest! 

Cool thing is that my zone leader from when I started my mission is my zone leader again and I love how we are together and I learn so much from him! Really how blessed are we! I also ate some fried fish yesterday, which my companion promised would be good and I thought my insides had a revolution and where going to kill me! Ugh! What the heck Chile! cook fish like my mom!

We also found a family that I swear I have known before this life; its so crazy just thinking about how they look familiar sound familiar and they are so cool! They are the Olmos family and they will be baptized in March! They are so awesome! What champs! The family consists of their mom two kids and there aunt! Hard working women that love the Lord! The cool thing is we were walking by and asked if she knew a person we were looking for, I gave her a smile and she smiled back and then we ended up be invited into her house super easily, we just walked in and sat down like we have been doing it for years! It was so cool; she readily has been prepared for he gospel!

I love the mission and I love you so much mom and fam! Keep going strong and I love you so much dad!

Elder Allred and I! Man this kid will be a friend for life!
 He taught me how to love Dr Pepper

This will go down as the greatest picture of all time!

Man, there are University of Utah fans everywhere!  I got a huge laugh out of this
 and half ran into another church to get a picture of this.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 9th, 2015: 2 Baptisms!

First off mom I want you to know that I have been trying to send pictures but honestly we have been rocking this free government program which offers free internet, its like a trailer house with some ghetto computers in it and I promise that I’m trying to send pictures but its not reading my camera, I have a bunch of pictures that are really cool and really sweet and I’m so stoked for life and everything, but guess what, we have received the fruit of our labors and we baptized again, this time with two baptisms! We baptized a family that we have been working with they are seriously so cool and I love life when I am at there house! We also have finished the change and we are waiting for the dreaded phone call! Ugh I hope I stay here one more change! Time fly’s and I think I am one of those missionary’s that will serve for a bunch of time in a sector! But we will see!

Okay so the familia! They consist of the mama, Roxana and she was baptized when she was eight years old! Wow but super inactive! Anyway her two kids, Alexander and Danitza are awesome and remind me of Luke and Rachel, but I just love the craziness that is in there house and how I know that family’s are crazy! That life is wild and that we are never going to have the whole "perfect family" they scream yell and fight with each other and to be honest I felt at home in their house! It has been something I have been missing for the past eleven months! Anyway through a bunch of prayer and fasting we finally got them baptized! It was my first baptism where all of us where in white! It was so spiritual and they where so ready to be baptized! I was feeling so strongly the love that the savior has for me and how I can become a better person through his love and guidance. These two kids are studs and trust me pictures are on the way, they where so hard to teach because they would not sit still and they would always be asking dumb questions, I know there are no such thing as dumb questions but its true haha but I have seen the progress through the Book of Mormon in their lives and feel super grateful that my family was born into this great work.

Cool little story, elder Allred and I confirmed Giovanni a member of the church yesterday so that was really cool, something must have got in my eyes because I started crying again........ But what is really cool is how he acts, he is a completely different person, one that really loves life so much and he even prepared a talk and gave a talk in front of a lot of people at our baptism! He really has become a life long friend and I will write him every Monday when he goes on his mission.... yayyyyyyy! He is planning on it! So we will se what happens, he is also inviting his mom and she likes it a bunch so we are hoping that he can baptize her someday! Her name is Gloria!

Random joke and story, we put clothes pins, those wooden ones all over our faces with Giovanni to see who can pinch more on and I got 17 and I think my companion won with like 23, it hurt a lot, the fleas are continually biting and with no prevail we are fighting the fight with all we have, my comp is worse off then me but we will see what happens latter.

I’m super nervous for changes, we have no idea what’s going to happen, I have been getting calls from the APs every couple of days! It’s crazy so we will see what happens, time goes by way to fast.

This week I learned a bunch from always trying to do your best, we are not perfect and trust me we make mistakes and its funny how we always seem to learn from the mistakes rather then learning with ease, but we will power through and always learn, we are now showering in cold water and we got a huge leak under our sink that we have to fix

Love you all a bunch!

Note from Logan's Mom:  I have been including pictures from Elder Allred's blog while Logan gets his camera figured out!

Completo run with Giovanni

18 clothes pins on Elder Allred.  He won

Baptism of Alexander and Danitza

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd, 2015: The Week of a Lifetime

Wow what a week it has been, we went through a bunch of tough times and we walked a bunch and got sunburned.  It was seriously so hard this week and I was feeling a little sick towards the end of it, I think this problem with milk is getting worse, but oh well life goes on right! This week we did a bunch of cleaning in our apartment and we are so close to more baptisms, I can seriously feel the water! Also I am broke again, so we are walking to the city today, should be fun ha-ha and lets see I learned more patience, that’s for sure!

So it has come to me as a surprise that I have spent four months here in Valparaiso! Wow time goes by way to fast here and I feel like I am getting so old ha-ha my body is starting to fall apart on me and I keep telling myself that its not so bad, mom thanks for the vitamins they are helping out! I have been living my mission by the quote, "what seems like a sacrifice today will turn out to be the biggest blessing tomorrow" in order for us to be blessed in this life we must first pass through the hardships right? I love the fact that in order for us to receive the joy we need to learn why we want it, I have learned this so much on my mission and I seriously think it will change my life, I look forward to offering up my prayers to my savior and going to sleep knowing he has heard them.  I’m also very nervous and I am throwing my blankets around when I sleep so I wake up freezing! Ha-ha life is just great here in South America

Its getting really hot and at times I feel like I am getting sunburned but its not to bad hahaha.  We have seen rats run out of our complex, which to be honest I was not to surprised ha-ha.  But there it is we might have rats.  I  also have grown to love lunch meat and top ramen hahahahhahaha.

Well the important thing is that this week we will be having two baptism interviews with my next two converts! Their names are Danitza and Alexander. Both of them are brother and sister to a mom that was less active and is starting to come back to the church! They are so cool but they are proof of the failing schools in Chile! Sometimes we get a little bit frustrated but they are learning and coming along nicely! They will both be baptized on the eighth if all goes to plan, I need to call president and ask for special permission for Alexander, he did not go to church two Sundays ago because his mom would not let him.......his shoes where dirty! What! That crazy women would not let him go! hahaha so we will see! I love my mission so much and transfers are coming up super fast!, I think that I will stay here another change, I am comfortable and ready to roll another six weeks, I think that honestly I am one of those six month missionary’s!

thank you for all your prayers, I know this church is true, I love my life and I know I am only being able to do this work with the power of god, he is everything to me and I owe it all to him,

Love Elder Passey

P.S.  I made a list of the stuff I want to do together with my Dad when I get back:

The things I want to do with my dad

1. Ski in Colorado, and California

2. Go to a dodger’s baseball game!

3. Go to the horse races in California

4. Hiking in the mountains

5. Sushi

Bus ride mirror selfie

With Alexander