Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23rd, 2014

Hey guys guess what? I have almost been out for five months! haha that is so crazy and it feels just like a week. EFY felt longer then the time in the mission. This week has been really interesting with tons of new stuff and happiness and more hardships.  And I heard that they are doing this crazy thing in the mountains of Heber so to all my people that live close to there I hope they really focus of patience.  Sounds like a blast.

Okay so first lets talk about this whole life as a missionary.  I love it and I know that these times are super hard and they seriously tear me down physically and mentally but I promise that it is all worth it.  I really have never been this happy before.  I feel at peace and I love this country and this people.   They are crazy and have a different culture but that's fine iI can adapt and I hope in a year or so that people start saying I'm a true blooded Chilean.  This week has been really different.  So we received the stand.  I have a foto of it too.  But this stand is super different in the whole "missionary" thing. So instead of teaching we go out and pitch this stand with everyday questions for example "how can i be a better person" or "what is the purpose of life" or "how can I build a family that is strong and united."  it is pretty cool and i feel like I'm back at Days trying to sell all that frozen yogurt juicer haha  It is seriously not what I thought a mission would be like.  But its only for a week.  And then we go back to normal.  I guess it works if the first presidency say its a good idea so why not have faith in it right?  So we do it for two hours in the morning and return to the house and study and then we go to lunch and then we have the stand for another two hours.  It is really "great" haha and all I feel is like some kind of street vendor but I try to memorize scriptures and use my time to the best of my abilities and I can feel the blessings of the Lord.  There are all these little fairs that are in the streets right next to this huge water tower and it seriously is mass chaos.  Its so nuts haha.  So we had a idea why not try the stand right there?  We had a good hour and a half with no person coming to talk to us but finally this one older man came up to us in dirty clothes and tear filled eyes and said he believes we can live with our loved ones after this life. he started to cry and said his family is really messed up and his wife just passed away and it was so sad to this this man who has a loved one leave this world and not have such a sure foundation of the gospel.  I'm so glad for my parents and there examples because I have such a strong testimony of this gospel.  We shared with him the plan of salvation and he asked for a pamphlet and said he would read it and call us if he wants to know more.  I pray he does. I know that this is the medicine of the soul so why not take it right?

The Stand

The other crazy thing that happened was we have this family that's taking the lessons but they are typical Chileans, they drink smoke and go crazy for futbol.  So we where going to teach them and heard this music blasting from our house and we thought it must be some party and as we where walking we kept getting closer and closer to the music and it was seriously so loud and we just see our investigators going nuts and it was so sad.  We talked to them for a bit and one of the members friends literally stumbled out of his house and came to talk to me and so we had two different conversations at once:  One was with Elder Osuna and Esteban "the real investigator" and then it was me verses the drunk.  This was when I has to use all my patience.  He was throwing his finger into my chest and telling me that God has not loved me.....ever.  He keep telling me that Christ did not die for me and the Mormons because we do not have souls and I about lost it. This old man is about six inches taller then me and he seriously was talking to me like this?  How dare he say such awful things about the church?  All i could do was stand there and try not to start yelling at him in English.  He knew it was making me mad because he was smiling and tempting me.  Ugh. if I learned one thing its patience in this mission.

Sorry for such the short letter.  I love you guys so much and I think you guys should read Ether 1,2,3. it is so good!  It shows that everybody needs to repent.  I love you all and I'm striving to be better and the work is still going on and I will always work then when I get home I will sleep for three days straight.  Thanks for your prayers and love.  

So I dont know if you can see it but our house started to leak.  Ya its horrible and our house is falling apart so i'm glad that I only sleep there.

My Comp.  When we returned and saw the leaks for the first time.........priceless

Favorite candy! bon o bon.  It's like a Reeses but not as good, thefore its not called a Reeses
Look at this happy kid.  This is powdered milk that has tons of vitamins and it's for kids.....Im still a kid right? I pour a bunch into a cup with water and stir in around until lumpy and then drink it.  It helps me I hope.

Vina Del Mar Mission

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 16th, 2014

This week has been really hard.  We have had success and we try to have lessons but its way hard because we have a ton of investigators who are not progressing.  But guess what!  All is well and I have a comp who is simply amazing.  We are both learning and growing together and I feel like we are drawing closer spiritually and emotionally.  Man and I also got my first package. haha  It was like Christmas.  So really this week has been a little bit of a roller coaster and its been spent in tears and laughter.  Aye aye aye....its the life right?  Oh and I got visited by a general authority.

Okay first off this week it rained again of course and and I feel so wet and never comfortable  But this weekend we got some sunshine and I realized two things, I'm seriously so white and second I love the sun......don't worry mom I wear sunscreen. haha  This week has been non stop World Cup.  Its so crazy and everybody down here are fans.  Football is life and trust me its a live or die life style.  I think Chile played Australia and it seriously went down.  It was hard because we had some really good appointments for that day and they all called us and cancelled and said that this day was more important than the Gospel.  Oh how wrong they are.  This gospel is everything.  It is hard for them to open their eyes and see but as far as they are concerned this is war. Chile is at war with everybody in the world right now.  I will never forget this experience though.  We were walking down the street and we could here the game from literally every house and see families watching the game but they would not look at us or answer the door.  It was super hard and there are so many chances to teach but they will not listen.  And seriously not a single soul was in the street.  So I'm walking down this dark muddy street and all of the sudden I just heard this crazy word. GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!   And literally this roar of voices filled the air an it felt like static electricity.  It was seriously so freaking crazy and people in one minute were running around and going so freaking crazy I was scarred for my life.  People were waving flags and had fires in the streets and it was like we lived in this crazy jungle. haha  It was every man for themselves.  We were nervous because after the game we seriously thought some riots where going to go down.  But all is well.  The lord protects his missionaries.  It was also so Cold!

Whoever taught the Chileans how to build a houses they need to go back to school because this is simply ridiculous haha  We have some flooding going on but now our roof is leaking in three parts and it is seriously so cold.  But guess what?  It reminds me of our blessings back in the united states.  Oh random note sorry mom for my horrible spelling but this keyboard has beer on it or something because it is so sticky and the letters or keys are stuck.  But anyway this house that we live in is so nuts and to be honest I'm ready for a new one.  People are dead serious when they say that the mission is the hardest thing they have ever done.  It really pushes me to my physical and more importantly spiritual limits.  My whole life has one purpose right now.  Teach and help the people in need and it really kills me when I show up to lessons and the people are drunk or if they slam the door in my face and it is so hard to have a positive attitude especially love for the person.  But hey, I had a talk with my comp because I felt that maybe I was not good enough or that I'm not trying and giving my all.  It is seriously so hard.  I try and try and I hope that I'm making a difference here and I give my whole life to these people and they wont even show up to church.  I just feel so sad and down and that its my fault.  I need to be a better teacher and I'm working on it.  I love my companion so much and he is a super stud.  What a great influence he is on me. 
Okaaaaaaaay!  so I got my package today!  WOW thanks mom for the oreos I was so hungry for normal food that my comp and I , "who i introduced to kitkats an oreos in the same day" ate every single oreo and I thought my blood sugar just spiked and was close to having a heart attack.  The worst was that we did not have milk!  Ugh what a downer.  And those oils smell kinda gross but I promise to use them.  You have my word. we also got to have a reunion with all the missionaries and I got to see Elder Artiga haha  He does not like his comp too much but what can you do.  

I love you guys and prayed about you a ton.  In these last days its super important to have family.  One of my cousins that I have not seen in awhile is my cuz Jordan.  Man shout out to you!   You are a missionary in the making and I would gladly serve with you.  Be an example to your family and I promise through your prayers you will have a stronger relationship with God and with your fam.  Your family is the best, and Becca and Trevor you have a great family.  Don't sweat the small stuff its phases and I've had  tons haha.  

We met and had a great talk with Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the presidency of the 70.  It was super spiritual and we sang together and he had a seriously strong testimony.  Thank you guys forever.  I'm always striving to do whats right and trust me I'm not perfect,  far from it.   When we but our faith in the lord and use his atonement everything is possible. 

 First Fathers day! I'm old

First Package!

Oils for the fleas

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9th, 2014

Well my first six weeks have gone by super fast and now here i am with a new companion!  It was so sad to see Elder Artiga go and we had a little cry session and one last foto shoot before he left.  It was so hard to see him leave but now he is a district leader.  We have had a ton of success here in my area this week but it was all because of our faith and obedience in the commandments.  Especially the rules of the mission and I already have stories of my new comp

Bueno.  My new comp is from Mexico.  This is the first blessing of my life because I pray every day to learn more of the language and when its only Spanish twenty four hours a day it helps!  His name is Elder OSUNA and I know it is hard to pronounce so hear it is "oh sue na".  He is this stud that seriously works so hard.  I have this testimony of following the rules of the mission right but my comp is way obedient which is way cool.  He has this stop watch and when the mission handbook says we have one hour for personal study for Elder Osuna it is literally one hour. haha  I have so much love for him already and we really get along.  He loves movies and English and he is always asking questions in English.  I love it.  He seriously looks like a James Bond.  No joke. But we have received so many blessings already and since transfers "last Wednesday"  We have five new investigators and all of them but one has accepted baptism.  This week we have worked with a chip on our shoulder for some reasons that I will tell you later and I love our attitude for the work.  It is so nice to work way hard.  Elder Artiga was a great example and taught me so many things and the Lord will always send new companions to help us grow and be better.  I always felt that we could of done more in our area but we worked hard and had a peace attitude.  Elder Osuna and I are all amped up and ready to rock and roll and no one can tell us differently.

We are literally two young kids against the world with the help our our Lord and our Savior.  I like our odds.  His birthday is March 19 so I am a week older then him and guess what..... we have the same time in the mission.  Ya crazy huh, we have served in the mission for exactly the same time and we are way young.  For missionaries that are serving in their native language they serve for two weeks in the MTC.   For missionaries in different languages they study in the MTC for six.  Osuna was in the MTC two weeks before me and left the day I showed up at the MTC!  We have been serving about the same time and he is finishing my "in the field" training.  It is so crazy and everybody says its way weird and strange and its weird also that he came to me.  So I am the senior companion in the area and he follows me around everywhere because I have a little bit of a knowledge of my area!  Thank goodness Elder Artiga had me memorize the names of the streets!  We are pretty much co companions and we have the same goals and desires for the work.  A fire in the belly so to speak.  We are always on the go looking and searching for the people who can be changed by this gospel.  He is a convert and has seriously one year in the church right now and what a testimony.  We are changing lives so fast and I feel a different energy.  Okay and here is the other thing....are you ready for this, he is also the DISTRICT LEADER!!!!!!! how crazy.  So he has three months in the mission and he is a district leader too and he is training me.  Not really in the lessons but in the language.  How crazy and he has only served for three months.  My time.  People hear about our attitude and people think and say we will burn out soon and slow down and its just because we are young but I promise that is a straight up lie.  I have this deep desire for the work and I have not felt it this strong before my mission.  I'm ready to rock and role and we seriously fight for the right to preach.  I pray everyday and thank my God for this opportunity to learn from one of the best missionarys in the field!

This week we seriously stood in the rain for a whole week.  It rained and rained and not a Utah rain mind you but a South American rain and it was nuts and I always feel wet and cold.  We went to work.  The first thing we did was save our stuff from the flood in our house. What was the first thing i saved?  My superman shirt and my chapstick, then my scriptures and so on.  But it was good and todo vein.  It was only an inch and a half of water and it drained out on its own.  The first family we taught was Familia Gonzalez.  This family is so nice and they have the love of God in them.  They are a family who loves to listen to our message and we shared an great message and they accepted the invitation for baptism so I hope and pray they carry on and learn more.  This Wednesday is the goal for the date so please, pray for them to feel this message, especially Victor.  Then we taught Jorge.  In the night it gets super foggy and we were walking down this muddy street and all of the sudden I felt this prompting to call out to this house.  I can not describe it but it was just a instinct and we called out and this man came running out and rushed to us saying he had questions about Joseph Smith.  We were astonished! We taught him and he wants to get baptised as well!  He has a date for the 28 de Junio and I hope and pray that he continues to progress.  His wife is a not a good example and he has a little smoking problem but we can handle that.   We also got a reference from a little kid named Cristian.  This kid is a stud.  One of the boys in our ward has been inviting him to church and we can teach him the lessons!  These are the souls who are ready for the gospel as of right now in Quilpue Chile.......crazy
I  want you guys to know that my testimony has grown so much in the past few months.  I have grown so much and I have a testimony of the gift of tongues.  I don't know how but people say I'm fluent when i teach these investigators.  It is so crazy I love you all.

Same tie day for me and Elder Artiga

My New Comp, Elder Osuna

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 2nd, 2014,

Wow this has been a crazy month and it feels like only days have gone by and now I'm in June? what?  It's crazy to think but it has been a very productive month.  This week I had some serious fights with dogs, planned an activity and taught some lessons where I cried.....ya cried I'm turning into my dad.  But most of all I learned the power of fasting and the power of prayer.

Okay where to begin.  So I have always heard and watched videos of dogs going crazy on TV but I never thought that it could happen to me right?  Well I have had two fights with these dogs and have to say I pretty proud of myself for coming out on top.  The first one was at night, we were walking home after a lesson and it was freezing, cold and foggy and we were singing and laughing and having a gran ole time until we see this mass come out of this fog and it was a dog walking on this street corner by a house.  Normally its in its gate and is fenced in but not today!  We where seriously nervous because its crazy and it was growly and went running across the street at us and do you guys remember in school how we learned there is this thing called fight or flight?  if not its simple, its when a person is scared he either runs or he defends himself.  Not going to lie my come and I are the exact opposite.  I was scared out of my life but I had the power of God with me "my Book of Mormon in my hand" and went out swinging.  The funny thing is that i seriously could not believe my companion. he shouted "cuidado" or careful in English haha and literally pushed me towards the dog and started running away and literally left me to die.  So at this point I had tons of thoughts going through my head all of course not in Spanish and my thoughts where something like this "I knew this is how I would die, in the streets of South America alone" and I swung my Book of Mormon and connected with this dogs face and I was so nervous and it was running around barking and we slowly backed up and then ran.   I  seriously thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest and it was intense.  Later my comp apologized for pushing me and I gave him a hard time. seriously what a dweeb master.   But seriously what can you do?  we had a really good laugh about it but he said it wont happen again.  Weeeeeellll the next day we where contacting in the Tomas and there was this gate that is held together by some seriously loose wire and we called out and this dogs seriously ran into this fence and it was flash backs to the movie World War Z where the zombies have no care for the bodies and just throw themselves at stuff.  Ya well I saw this wire coming off the fence and it was seriously about to open so I was pushing back on this fence while these crazy dogs were going crazy and were about to take me out.  I saw this dog running for the fence and I'm being dead serious when I pushed with all my force and strength and the dog punked and psyched me out and faked it so I was the one who pushed the gate open and my comp yelled some things in Spanish that I have no idea what it was and started running.  Again I was using the word of god to defend me but these dogs did not get the opportunity to get close but they all went blitzing out and around us and going crazy and it seriously was like a pack of wolves.  But hey, we lived and all is well.   After when we were walking away and I was calming down because when i'm nervous or angry and scared I lose my Spanish and after awhile I asked what was up with my comp not helping me and he said he had literally no control of his body and he went running for his life.  Not going to lie though I felt like I was going to be dog food!

Speaking of dog food do you guys remember that little girl in the picture?  I hope my mom posted it but she had these cute bunnies and seriously one day she heard all this barking and came out and saw all these wild dogs who attacked and killed and ate all her bunnies and it was literally the saddest thing to see them all in tears.  They asked if animals went to heaven too and we said all living beings go to heaven and we had a great little lesson of the plan of salvation.  Other lessons we were with this older guy who was baptised a long time ago and is way inactive and he was this crazy sailor who sings opera and loves grilled cheese and he is the funniest dude and he has all these crazy hats.  He has this cat that him and his wife could not decide a name for and finally the wife was really frustrated and yelled "yo no se!" which is "I don't know" and that became its name. "Yo no se." haha.  It was good to see him come to church this week and he bore the greatest testimony ever!  The work has been hard but we have some families that might be gold.  We have tons of lessons today so we will see how they go!

Fasting is not so bad now that I'm a missionary and I seriously learned so much about the power of prayer and I want you guys to know that we can always talk to our Father in Heaven and I have recieved some great answers that have blessed my life.  The Spanish is going along and I feel comfortable but some people here are jokers and say I don't understand him to everything I say and the thing is that I can understand them and they look to my companion and my comp seriously repeats the same exact question and the contact is like "ohhhhhh I understand now".  Ugh I seriously get so frustrated and my comp says its just the persons arrogance but hey what can you do right?  I know my Spanish is not perfect but I'm comfortable with everybody and I'm not scared to speak my mind. I Love you all and I pray for you every day.  Stay strong and Choose The Right.

Medicine that cures all.

For the past three days we had absoulutly zero money and it really sucked but we had to walk from my house to the center of Quilpue.  My house is on the corner of sotomayor and ortiz vega. We had three thousand pesos left and we blew it on this cake.. we lived on cake for like three days.

Ya I really live in South America.  We dont have a clue who these magnificent creatures belong to but hey why not eat trash?