Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 16th, 2014

This week has been really hard.  We have had success and we try to have lessons but its way hard because we have a ton of investigators who are not progressing.  But guess what!  All is well and I have a comp who is simply amazing.  We are both learning and growing together and I feel like we are drawing closer spiritually and emotionally.  Man and I also got my first package. haha  It was like Christmas.  So really this week has been a little bit of a roller coaster and its been spent in tears and laughter.  Aye aye aye....its the life right?  Oh and I got visited by a general authority.

Okay first off this week it rained again of course and and I feel so wet and never comfortable  But this weekend we got some sunshine and I realized two things, I'm seriously so white and second I love the sun......don't worry mom I wear sunscreen. haha  This week has been non stop World Cup.  Its so crazy and everybody down here are fans.  Football is life and trust me its a live or die life style.  I think Chile played Australia and it seriously went down.  It was hard because we had some really good appointments for that day and they all called us and cancelled and said that this day was more important than the Gospel.  Oh how wrong they are.  This gospel is everything.  It is hard for them to open their eyes and see but as far as they are concerned this is war. Chile is at war with everybody in the world right now.  I will never forget this experience though.  We were walking down the street and we could here the game from literally every house and see families watching the game but they would not look at us or answer the door.  It was super hard and there are so many chances to teach but they will not listen.  And seriously not a single soul was in the street.  So I'm walking down this dark muddy street and all of the sudden I just heard this crazy word. GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!   And literally this roar of voices filled the air an it felt like static electricity.  It was seriously so freaking crazy and people in one minute were running around and going so freaking crazy I was scarred for my life.  People were waving flags and had fires in the streets and it was like we lived in this crazy jungle. haha  It was every man for themselves.  We were nervous because after the game we seriously thought some riots where going to go down.  But all is well.  The lord protects his missionaries.  It was also so Cold!

Whoever taught the Chileans how to build a houses they need to go back to school because this is simply ridiculous haha  We have some flooding going on but now our roof is leaking in three parts and it is seriously so cold.  But guess what?  It reminds me of our blessings back in the united states.  Oh random note sorry mom for my horrible spelling but this keyboard has beer on it or something because it is so sticky and the letters or keys are stuck.  But anyway this house that we live in is so nuts and to be honest I'm ready for a new one.  People are dead serious when they say that the mission is the hardest thing they have ever done.  It really pushes me to my physical and more importantly spiritual limits.  My whole life has one purpose right now.  Teach and help the people in need and it really kills me when I show up to lessons and the people are drunk or if they slam the door in my face and it is so hard to have a positive attitude especially love for the person.  But hey, I had a talk with my comp because I felt that maybe I was not good enough or that I'm not trying and giving my all.  It is seriously so hard.  I try and try and I hope that I'm making a difference here and I give my whole life to these people and they wont even show up to church.  I just feel so sad and down and that its my fault.  I need to be a better teacher and I'm working on it.  I love my companion so much and he is a super stud.  What a great influence he is on me. 
Okaaaaaaaay!  so I got my package today!  WOW thanks mom for the oreos I was so hungry for normal food that my comp and I , "who i introduced to kitkats an oreos in the same day" ate every single oreo and I thought my blood sugar just spiked and was close to having a heart attack.  The worst was that we did not have milk!  Ugh what a downer.  And those oils smell kinda gross but I promise to use them.  You have my word. we also got to have a reunion with all the missionaries and I got to see Elder Artiga haha  He does not like his comp too much but what can you do.  

I love you guys and prayed about you a ton.  In these last days its super important to have family.  One of my cousins that I have not seen in awhile is my cuz Jordan.  Man shout out to you!   You are a missionary in the making and I would gladly serve with you.  Be an example to your family and I promise through your prayers you will have a stronger relationship with God and with your fam.  Your family is the best, and Becca and Trevor you have a great family.  Don't sweat the small stuff its phases and I've had  tons haha.  

We met and had a great talk with Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the presidency of the 70.  It was super spiritual and we sang together and he had a seriously strong testimony.  Thank you guys forever.  I'm always striving to do whats right and trust me I'm not perfect,  far from it.   When we but our faith in the lord and use his atonement everything is possible. 

 First Fathers day! I'm old

First Package!

Oils for the fleas

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