Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23rd, 2014

Hey guys guess what? I have almost been out for five months! haha that is so crazy and it feels just like a week. EFY felt longer then the time in the mission. This week has been really interesting with tons of new stuff and happiness and more hardships.  And I heard that they are doing this crazy thing in the mountains of Heber so to all my people that live close to there I hope they really focus of patience.  Sounds like a blast.

Okay so first lets talk about this whole life as a missionary.  I love it and I know that these times are super hard and they seriously tear me down physically and mentally but I promise that it is all worth it.  I really have never been this happy before.  I feel at peace and I love this country and this people.   They are crazy and have a different culture but that's fine iI can adapt and I hope in a year or so that people start saying I'm a true blooded Chilean.  This week has been really different.  So we received the stand.  I have a foto of it too.  But this stand is super different in the whole "missionary" thing. So instead of teaching we go out and pitch this stand with everyday questions for example "how can i be a better person" or "what is the purpose of life" or "how can I build a family that is strong and united."  it is pretty cool and i feel like I'm back at Days trying to sell all that frozen yogurt juicer haha  It is seriously not what I thought a mission would be like.  But its only for a week.  And then we go back to normal.  I guess it works if the first presidency say its a good idea so why not have faith in it right?  So we do it for two hours in the morning and return to the house and study and then we go to lunch and then we have the stand for another two hours.  It is really "great" haha and all I feel is like some kind of street vendor but I try to memorize scriptures and use my time to the best of my abilities and I can feel the blessings of the Lord.  There are all these little fairs that are in the streets right next to this huge water tower and it seriously is mass chaos.  Its so nuts haha.  So we had a idea why not try the stand right there?  We had a good hour and a half with no person coming to talk to us but finally this one older man came up to us in dirty clothes and tear filled eyes and said he believes we can live with our loved ones after this life. he started to cry and said his family is really messed up and his wife just passed away and it was so sad to this this man who has a loved one leave this world and not have such a sure foundation of the gospel.  I'm so glad for my parents and there examples because I have such a strong testimony of this gospel.  We shared with him the plan of salvation and he asked for a pamphlet and said he would read it and call us if he wants to know more.  I pray he does. I know that this is the medicine of the soul so why not take it right?

The Stand

The other crazy thing that happened was we have this family that's taking the lessons but they are typical Chileans, they drink smoke and go crazy for futbol.  So we where going to teach them and heard this music blasting from our house and we thought it must be some party and as we where walking we kept getting closer and closer to the music and it was seriously so loud and we just see our investigators going nuts and it was so sad.  We talked to them for a bit and one of the members friends literally stumbled out of his house and came to talk to me and so we had two different conversations at once:  One was with Elder Osuna and Esteban "the real investigator" and then it was me verses the drunk.  This was when I has to use all my patience.  He was throwing his finger into my chest and telling me that God has not loved me.....ever.  He keep telling me that Christ did not die for me and the Mormons because we do not have souls and I about lost it. This old man is about six inches taller then me and he seriously was talking to me like this?  How dare he say such awful things about the church?  All i could do was stand there and try not to start yelling at him in English.  He knew it was making me mad because he was smiling and tempting me.  Ugh. if I learned one thing its patience in this mission.

Sorry for such the short letter.  I love you guys so much and I think you guys should read Ether 1,2,3. it is so good!  It shows that everybody needs to repent.  I love you all and I'm striving to be better and the work is still going on and I will always work then when I get home I will sleep for three days straight.  Thanks for your prayers and love.  

So I dont know if you can see it but our house started to leak.  Ya its horrible and our house is falling apart so i'm glad that I only sleep there.

My Comp.  When we returned and saw the leaks for the first time.........priceless

Favorite candy! bon o bon.  It's like a Reeses but not as good, thefore its not called a Reeses
Look at this happy kid.  This is powdered milk that has tons of vitamins and it's for kids.....Im still a kid right? I pour a bunch into a cup with water and stir in around until lumpy and then drink it.  It helps me I hope.

Vina Del Mar Mission

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