Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28th, 2015: The Best Week Ever!

We had a great week this week! We had some crazy stuff go on and of course we where tried with tons of trials but we also got blessed with a bunch of hidden blessings.  Also we have felt some more little earthquakes, they are not big enough to be earthquakes but it is always a little bit weird to feel the earth move.  I also threw up this week.  We found a bunch of people to come to church with us and the ward is so great! So many things are happing!

Okay random cool thing is that last night there was the lunar eclipse, I have no idea if that is spelled like that but yep, the moon turned red and it was pretty weird to see the moon like that.  I have just come to realize that life in Chile is well, life in Chile ha-ha. But my companion and I are doing great! We have been so blessed to become really good friends, these past few weeks have flown by and I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I look at the calendar on our wall! What is happening to the time, as if it was a dream my mission has come and flew by and I feel like I’m just trying to hold on to the time I have left.  I often find myself praying that time will slow down, I sure hope that time does slow done, I feel great to be working so hard with my companion, its amazing to see two strangers come together under one cause and become the greatest of friends, how great this gospel is! 

Another funny thing that happened was to find out that my companion is an Eagle Scout, we talked about how my whole life I will have regrets on not getting my eagle, he told me that every time that he enters the "nest" he will think of me! Hahaha what a joke! I cant believe that I’m a scout drop out, that really has become a regret in my life.  What does this have to do with my life in the mission? It made me realize that I will and am living this life as a missionary without any regrets, and I’m so determined to finish all my goals that I have had and have! What a blessing it is to live the life of a missionary, all I do is focus myself on other people! And when I lose myself in the missionary work I seem to always find myself! wow que genial! 

Yes its true, this week I threw up, I don’t now if it was because I have been eating straight oatmeal for a couple of days or if I ate something really bad in lunch but what happened was that I went and threw up in my bathroom, hahhahaha.  It was not as bad as many people may think, I felt bad but the Lord gave me the chance to calmly make it to the bathroom and take off my tie hahaha.  But after that I called the nurse, she told me to drink bunches of water, I did and got a blessing which was so awesome, then we went back out to work! I love and I take pride in the fact that I have worked everyday in my mission, no matter what has happened I have dedicated my time and attention though the Lord!

We have some great investigators who are progressing a bunch! We are finding that "special someone" to baptize this month and obviously help.  I have found that many want to change their lives but few will actually try to do it! Its amazing to think about how many people are all talk, but few are action. I am so blessed to have a mother and father who work hard to make things happen, I love leaving my comfort zone to make things happen! 

Another great thing from my companion is that we both love mate, is so great to both drink tons of mate, after the mission we will all get together to drink some! But this week a huge miracle passed, we were returning to our house hungry and did not have anything in the house but oatmeal hahahahaha.  So as we walked passed a small store we bought some bread, the lady asked if we wanted anything else and we kindly told her we did not have money until a couple days later and we started to leave and she told us to wait and came out with two empanadas.  It was a straight up miracle, we left and with tear filled eyes thanked the Lord for this great woman who literally disappeared, there are great people her in Chile,

This gospel is the greatest thing that has happened in my life, thank you all for your prayers!

We made some soup last night; it was made out of a chicken broth cub we found behind our pantry with salt, hard bread and lots of love! Gotta love that mission life! 

P.S. it was really good! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st, 2015: This life in Chile is so crazy!

So Chile is like seriously going down hill fast! Man as I am writing this letter another earthquake hit Chile and it was really strong! I’m sure nervous about my friends in the north but I now that God will protect his sons and daughters.  We have had so many experiences this week! My new companion and I have passed some serious crazy stuff together. First off we thought we had diabetes, second we almost got destroyed by three earthquakes, four if you count the one that just happened like 2 minutes ago! We almost got attacked and munched on by a couple of dogs and we have had a bunch of other experiences!

So the earthquake happened in Coquimbo, good news is that Quilpue is like a little protected island from the world.  But there was a huge tsunami in Viña and in Coquimbo, but it was pretty bad here too.  The earth should not move like this! Its moving so fast and in so many directions! The first time the earthquake hit was as we were walking and everything started to move and I asked my companion, "why are everyone shaking the fences" and just then we saw the power lines like waves rolling and waving around in the sky like electric waves and we started to run to a park! "Well we attempted to run it was really hard" We are doing fine, the second one was really strong as well but not strong enough to break the glass from the windows so that was a good sign. It was really hard to get control of the zone and find out where everybody was. I was really nervous and finally we got everyone in houses and church buildings and we passed the night feeling the earth shake.  Another little one hit us at one in the morning and we ended up talking to president as he gave us the details. I can’t believe how great of a man he is! He is such a leader and he is such a great example.  He is an Alma, or a King Benjamin, he never raises his voice but he does lead with such a strong influence that I cant believe how great of an example he is! I will forever be a fan that he "kept all 240 missionary’s safe with only his voice" he is a total stud!

Also we thought we had diabetes! Seriously it was crazy! It all passed in one day, we thought in the morning that we needed to cut back on the sugar in our oatmeal or we will get sick.  So my companion has been having weird drops in blood pressure and has been having headaches and stuff like that, so of course we call the awesome convert Cecilia who is a nurse and she told us that those were the signs of diabetes.  She then told us to obey the word of wisdom! Wow my convert is awesome! But my comp became really nervous and started to freak himself out.  So after walking and talking about the effects of diabetes for five hours we finally went and saw my convert Ingrid, her daughter is diabetic  After talking with her and answering all her questions we finally decided that we would have to get and take a test.  She pulled out this ghetto looking machine that pinch’s you and takes out blood and it would see your blood sugar! I was really nervous and I have always had this fear of getting my finger pricked for diabetes! So after watching my companion get up the guts he pricked himself and found out that he pulled a 98 on his blood sugar.  I got up the courage and pricked myself but no blood came out! Ingrid laughed and told me I was a vampire and pricked me again really hard until a stream of blood came out. I pulled off an 80 in my blood sugar, and so we don’t have problems there!

My companion is amazing and such a stud, he has pure desires to help the zone, he is awesome.  He also lives in Alpine, he says his family lives by some people called Passeys, Jared and Alison, huh do I now them?

The mission work is going on strong, we had some great holiday activities and my companion and I wrecked really hard on the potato sack race. hahahaha.

My Comp and me!
In it to win it baby!

Diligence, its the key!

Right after biffing it on the race

Man I love sack races

This one is hilarious but zoom in and look at our faces!

I’m jumping like a rabbit hahahaha

We ran out of money but bought beans, we are so good!

We were waiting for this lady to take pictures and the dog came up and licked my hand! Gross! Also I was wearing my Obama shirt, Gotta rep the peace!

This is a dessert very traditional in Chile, pineapple on a fork .

Us with Javiera our convert.