Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14th, 2015: New Change, New Faces and New Miracles!

Wow I can’t believe how fast the mission goes by, only six months left and I’m so full of emotions that I can’t even begin to describe! Its a strange mix of sadness and calmness, but we will see how it goes.  I’m so pumped on getting ready to bring even more people back into the true church of god! I can honestly say that as the time gets shorter and shorter I’m getting even more focused on my goals and my own progress as a missionary! 2 years are not long enough! So I have been thinking about extending my mission, Mom what do you think? Would you like it if I served another couple of months? I need everybody’s feedback! But I feel really good about it so I will see what happens!

My new companion is so cool! He is from Arizona, he is also younger in the mission which makes me feel like an older brother sometimes.  He reminds me a ton of Luke and how he acts, what he likes to eat and his form of character, he is always cracking jokes and I love it hahaha.  He is a great missionary and the best part is that his name is harder to say than mine! Finally I have someone who has a harder name than mine! His name is elder Mcelhaney, he is from Gilbert and such a stud, he has the same time in the mission as I did when I started in this sector.  I feel very blessed to have a companion that is so full of love and wants to help the other missionary’s progress even more! How blessed I am to have him as a companion.  The funniest thing happened when he first entered the shower the other day "we have two showers in our apartment which is a miracle by the way".  So I have never entered in the bathroom that he uses and he came out and told me that we have a serious problem.  We then became "Mario and Luigi" and decided that we have to become plumbers.  We tried to fix the bathroom and it ended up becoming a serious fight to the death.  All I can say is that my companion Elder Gutierrez is one dirty guy.  We started with the shower, it was clogged with like a little bear cub of hair that would not come out of the drain and it seriously fought us back.  Then my companion went crazy and the pipe broke down into the tub even more and I thought it was all over! But we got the water fixed and called the shower a lost cause because the toilet would not hold the water in! I will never become a plumber and that’s that.....long story short is that he uses my bathroom now, problem solved.

An awesome story that I wanted to share is an experience that Elder Mcelhaney had in his old sector, so what happened is that Elder Mcelhaney served in the same sector I served in in the great city of Valparaiso! So he knows all my converts and stuff, but he has a convert over in the sector and as we were talking he told me that his convert knows me! I was shocked! I asked him who it was and he told me the name and I still could not remember the name, and then he told me how I knew and met her............................. When I heard the story in the night I cried, I know the lord lives and he always prepares the way for his sons and daughters to come back to him


One day with Elder Puefua I told him we needed to do more service for the people here in Valpo, especially becuase it was Christmas.  So as we were walking and sweating in the hot humid day and trying to contact people I saw a frantic looking mother trying to hold her children together and watch as the moving truck literally dumped her stuff on the side of the road and drove away.  My heart felt really sad to see this women standing there so I went and we offered our help.  We found out why the movers just dumped it on the side of the road, she lives on one of the many hills in Valpo, so her house was below three hundred stairs and down a dirt path.  We began to accept the challenge and began to take sofas down these huge stairs.  It was so hot we began to sweat through our shirts, we also began to to get sunburned haha but that does not matter.  After a good hour of this service we got down sofas, chairs, kitchen stuff and a bed, then we shared a quick message about the restored church.  We planned a visit and when we showed up she was not there.  We lost contact with her and then I left.  Well Elder Mcelhaney found her in the street and she told him to come to her house quick because she wanted to hear the message again.  She said that I was an answer to her prayers that hot day after Christmas and God had this church planned out to help her raise her children, THEN SHE GOT BAPTISED!  What a miracle right?!!! I feel so blessed to be a part of that great saint in Valpo.  We all do acts every day to help people, everyone will remember those acts, we must literally help everyone!

I love you guys so much and I hope your all doing great! Please hold onto the Iron Rod!

Elder Logan Shill Passey

Doing Service in Quilipue

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