Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 18th, 2015: Hey Fam!

So president told us to all write our families really quick, I hope your all doing fine and well in the USA. 

Hey guys real quick I want to tell you all that I’m okay! The earthquake was crazy and I can’t believe that the earth could move that fast and in that many directions! To be honest at first my companion and I were walking and I asked him why everybody was shaking their fences, then it got really loud and started moving faster.  The good thing is that not that much damage was caused in my zone.  All the missionary’s are freaked out because they all live in apartment buildings, but hey they are all fine. I’m really nervous for my friends in Coquimbo. I hope mom and dad can find out what is going on with the Castillo family, I sure hope they are all right, Mom please tell them that I love them and that I’m praying for them! I’m fine and I doing lots of service to help others and to help this shaken country! Thanks for your prayers!

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