Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th, 2015: This Week was Totally Awesome!

Well we had a great week! We received a visit from a general authority "Elder Viñas" we also had a huge activity to help a ward that is not doing to well in our zone, we also had a cool baptism with Javiera! It was really cool and I am so stoked to see all these people that I love to come into the church! How blessed I am! It was also so hot this week and I feel like I was dying under the heat and then it changed so fast and I was drenched in rain.......welcome to Chile. We also had a crazy experience one night..... this will be a great letter!

Okay to start off we had a great conference with Elder Vinas, he is a great man and his wife is the best! She gave a talk that was like the talk President Packer gave in the last general conference! but she did not talk about marriage! She talked about how to be a missionary who loved the work, it was great to hear such a loving older women share her experiences and how we can all become missionary’s full of power! She also talked a bunch about how to set goals! I loved it because I have a bunch of goals but I need to seriously plan better and make better goals to help the work go on in my sector.  We have not had changes yet! This wed will be the day, but I’m so pumped and we will see what happens. I feel really weird and old in the mission and I think its because, one I am old hahaha but also I feel a little bit more like an old school missionary. I still share from the pamphlets and the others share Mormon messages hahaha But I love that we are all sharing the same message and I love to see the progress of other missionary’s.  Elder Viñas set a great example for me and I was blessed to talk with him face to face for about 15 minutes about things that are going on in my zone, to see the love in that mans eyes was so special for me because I felt that he really cared about this great work! He listened to my companion and me and then smiled, looked us straight in the eye and said I NEEDED TO BE BETTER.  Wow it was like a serious blow but I realized that he was so right! I felt all the pride that I had drain from my body as I listened to his council.  I need to plan better, share my plans better and then I need to verify the plans of other companionships better, wow hhahaha I hugged him, and as I was walking away I told my companion "that’s why he is a general authority" He laughed and put his arm around me and we went and prayed and from that moment on we always have a plan, and it works! So I hope that all of you can make plans and set good high goals for your lives! it really does mean the difference! A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS ONLY A DREAM!

Also this Saturday I was running around with the whole zone in one sector! It was cool to see the whole zone helping one ward find more members and bring them to church.  This great church is growing so fast but due to other stuff that has happened this ward is dying, it only has about 30 members and 6 priesthood members.  But I think that it will survive and become a strong ward.  We found a bunch of less active members and taught them and wrote down their dereciones and they will be going to church soon! I think everything will be just fine with that ward!.

More preaching on the bus, hahaha well this time we sang a song on the train "its like the tracks in SLC" with the whole zone.  It was really cool and the whole zone was nervous at first but then as we sung a song it all seemed to work out just fine.  Then we went and contacted people, it was great to see "the zone" working together and for the work of the Lord.  I love contacting the world in this way, I think it will help everyone to hear, the problem is that the people cant only listen with the ears, but they need to listed with the heart! Every time I get up to contact like that I feel my heart start to beat like crazy and then after a quick prayer it all seems to go away and the love of Christ beats the fear and I can stand up and literally share my message with the world! What blessings I have!

This week was so hot! I felt like I was ready to melt.  The sun just decided to come out and I started to fry, my awesome comp found some sunscreen and we started to lather up and then after a few days the rain came back and it began to beat us up with rain! What is going on Chile! yikes! hahaha But I cant lie I sure do love this country! But one crazy thing happened this week.  Last night we finished praying and I was almost asleep when the phone started to ring, as my comp and I both got out of bed we found that the number was blocked and we decided not to answer it.  As we started to get back in bed we heard a yell and a boom and it sounded like a couple of people knocked the door down to rob us and we heard a bunch of footsteps in the house.  I thought it was time to die hahaha but we slowly crept out of bed and I pulled out a iron rod from the window and I started to walk down the stairs and I found........nothing!  It was a really scary experience! But it turns out that I’m still alive, whew! But yep that’s that!

Also Javiera was baptized this Sunday! I was so pumped to see my companion help this wonderful girl down into the water and to be baptized! it was so awesome to end a change with a baptism! As for changes, my companion has more time then I do so I bet he will get called to go first.  But who knows? maybe the Lord want’s me here, if that’s the case I will work as hard as I can and everything will be all right!

Love Elder Passey

What a great family!  Javiera’s baptism.  

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