Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015: What a Crazy Week!

Well this week was awesome! We did some stuff that I have never done before, we went to a choir audition, that was new for me...... also we did a bunch of singing and we did some serious preaching of the gospel this week! Also Hermana Marta gave her first talk in church and all of our converts went and participated in the meetings, it was so cool. 

Okay so I’m so stoked to tell you guys a story, so I have been seriously thinking about how I could teach more people in less time, so after talking about it with my companion we finally got the courage up to start preaching like the olden times "bus preaching" so on a bus crowded with 50 people we seriously stood up and in front of these people humbly taught the message of the Lords true church, it was so awesome and to be honest it was so thrilling to feel the power of the Holy Ghost testify through us! Its a proven fact that one in thirty people n Chile have been baptized, so............. if we preach in a bus of 50 people odds are that we will find a less active and the odds are even greater that they will have family members that have not been baptized, HOW COOL IS THAT? So we are starting to do it now and I love the thrill of preaching the gospel. It was an experience that I will never forget, a huge swallow, standing up in a hot sweaty bus and humbly teaching the gospel.  How great the promises are from the Lord to us if we teach and share this great message! We don’t have to stand up in buses as members of the church, but we do need to act the part! We are members of the church of JESUS CHRIST we must remain faithful to the laws and covenants that we have made as members and help other feel loved.  The greatest example of this type of missionary work I would have to say is my mother, oh how do I love her! She carries the light of Christ wherever she goes! What a wonderful mother I have! The best part of the bus preaching is the words seem to just flow out of my mouth like rushing water and I love how the talking seems to just stop and everybody listens. I can testify that the Lord will make us strong in the right moment and in the right time, we must be ready to teach and most importantly we must be ready to act if we want to become true members of this great church! 

Choir, I think that’s how you spell it right? Well I’m still not that great at singing but I do now that the power of a hymn can change lives.  My companion loves to sing and we were teaching and contacting in the woods by our sector " there are a bunch of fields with country people by our sector" and we found a old lady feeding her animals and we stopped to talk to her.  It was a great experience and she was doubting if she really was a daughter of god, she told us that if she was a daughter of god then all these bad things would not happen to her.  It was really sad and then I thought of the song that every member knows by heart  "I am a child of god" my companion was thinking the same thing and told this precious old lady that we would happily sing a song for her.  As we started to sing I was so nervous, how could I sing in front of this old women, I don’t sing in front of anyone but my shampoo bottle hahaha.  I started to sing and felt this great peace come over me and as I saw this little lady whose height does not even reach my shoulder start to cry. I felt the spirit flow through me as we testified that she was indeed a daughter of our Heavenly Father and he did indeed send his son to help us on this hard path.  She told us that we are her angels and that we need to pass by again. I was so amazed and at that moment I began to sing more in the streets with my companion and it has been really fun! Great preaching stories hahahahahaha! But blessings do come through leaving our comfort zone!

Speaking of leaving our comfort zone Hermana Marta gave her fist talk in church yesterday! It was so awesome to see her get up in front of our little ward and teach about the importance of the book of Mormon! In that moment I felt like crying, what I am doing here in Chile really is helping others come to Christ.  I can honestly see the fruits of this labor, Marta said that she has only been a member for three months but it does not matter if you have three months in the church of 50 years, reading the Book of Mormon can help any person who is willing to read with an open heart! Wow, I was so amazed to see someone who I baptized only three months ago give such a powerful talk, and she is always willing to hold family home evening with us and other investigators! Wow! Also Cecilia gave a talk the other week, what great blessing and I love seeing this work progress! How blessed am I! 

Also I feel like I still have a lot to learn, I think that the Lord has blessed me with so much patience that its amazing but I need more hahahaha Sometimes when someone is saying horrible things to us or talking bad about our beloved prophet I feel like I need to defend them to the end. I still have a lot to learn but I have learned a lot! And I’m so thankful for all my comp has done to help me with all my goals and desires.  It has been a serious blast to serve with him for 4 and a half months. We will have changes next week, who knows what will happen but I hope that we could serve again for another change. 6 months together????? Sounds crazy but its posible. 

There is so much love in this gospel, we just need to open our eyes!

Elder Logan Shill Passey

My comp dared me to ride the slide at a restaurant, 
I did it but felt bad after realizing I’m a missionary and I should not do 
stuff like that, but I got a cool pic

The sticks as we call it back home, crossing this river was tough.

My comp said his new shoes were hurting him, so what do I do? 
I redneck fix it, toilet paper, scotch tape and a bunch of love, 
we worked the whole day without a complaint.

Got to love the spider

Man when I get home I’m so pooooooped! 

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