Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3rd, 2015: Luke's Mission Call?

What! Luke got his call!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? And he did not open it yet? What the heck haha tell that boy to open his call! hahahaha I love you all so much and this week was a very great special week for me, I learned that the Lord does answer prayers, but we need to remember that our Lord and Savior answers prayers in his own due time.  Also Elder Gutierrez and I will be serving again together! Wow four and a half months with a really special person! I have learned so much from this young elder....... I seem to learn more about who I really am every single day and I love how mission work will always progress. What I would like to share with you all is about how we as followers of Christ must not only listen to the words of Christ but we must apply them to our lives!

This week was full of miracles! Starting with changes I thought for sure that Elder Gutierrez would be sent off and I would receive a new companion, but lo and behold we received the call and here we are again! I feel that we have only served a couple of weeks together but we have served quite a bit of time together hahahaha people are calling us the "old men" companionship! But hey what we are doing is working and president is giving us more time together to find and see the blessings! We are still learning so much together and I feel that this transfer will help us learn more about ourselves and how we must find new ways to bless the lives of others. We are getting even more creative with teaching, we are trying to be even more effective and teach faster lessons, and we are becoming even better missionary’s every day, far from perfect but we are trying to be like him the best we can!

About the converts I have in this sector, they are so amazing! Hermana Marta was just recently called to become the new primary secretary! She was set apart and received a blessing from the bishop! It was so wonderful to see her helping all the children around and I feel that it will be a great calling for her! She will get the chance to teach the gospel to the future of the church! I have come to realize that the primary is a sacred and honorable calling in the church, the lord only puts the highly trusted to teach and guide his "new generation" of little disciples. I’m so happy for Marta! Also Cecilia will receive her patriarchal blessing soon! Wow, that is so great and wonderful!

This week it poured rain and I felt like a mop, but through the tender mercies of the Lord doors were opened to us and we found some amazing families! One day as we where walking in the pouring rain we found a drunk singing and I got really nervous "because he could sing better than I could and he was totally wasted" haha but we talked to him and helped him back to his house and he expressed his love for the Lord and how he wanted to change his life and how his family was searching for a way to change, we wished him goodnight and the next day as we were walking by his house we felt so impressed to stop and knock this mans door that it felt as if I ran into a literal wall, the Lord will help his missionary’s to find the people who are ready for the gospel! So we knocked on the door and women invited us in and gave us some delicious coke and we talked and felt the spirit so strongly! She accepted a baptism date as well as her younger daughter! Blessings!

I know without a doubt that President Diaz is called from God, the Lord always reminds me that I have been so blessed to have such amazing presidents! This Friday we will have another council with him and I feel so blessed!

So we fasted and prayed a bunch this week and yet again the Lord always completes his promises! Our Lord is a good Lord, a kind Lord, and his is TOTALLY DEDICATED TO MAKE US HAPPY all we have to do is follow him!

With a bunch of love, elder Logan Shill Passey

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