Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 10th, 2015: I Got A Fever of A Hundred and Three.....Hot Blooded, Hot Blooded!

Wow mom I have seen all types of trial this week, it seems like the devil did everything he could to drag me down and to take us away from the work.  To be honest my companion and I have both received countless blessings and its so great to be apart of the priesthood. Well in short we stuffed ourselves with sushi last Monday "I will never eat sushi again in Chile". I was sick to my stomach again but that was not the reason that I was really sick. Then it rained almost everyday this week! It wrecked everything in sight! It was nuts! I say streets destroyed and buses stuck in the streets! It was really fun to teach the gospel in the rain but the hardest thing was that I was in the pouring rain with a fever, so that was the hard part! But we also found bunches a miracles! Yah!

So about my sickness, I feel like my body is falling apart. But the good news is that slowly I’m getting better, on Wednesday after interchanges I got a big headache and I did not understand why, but as the day went on and as the rain poured harder I felt really sick, I almost vomited and my stomach was killing me and my head hurt! I felt like I was gong to pass out! But my companion and I kept working harder and harder and I did not go home! I’m so proud to say that I did not go home early but that I went and worked as hard as possible and we taught the people how to become closer to the Savior.  Every step was hard, but every step was worth it. We finally made it to a house where we took my temperature and when the member saw the little stick with the number she gasped and said, "what are you doing outside! you have a fever of 103!" it was like a bomb hit me because to be honest I have no idea how to get rid of a fever haha.  But hey it all seemed to work out just fine because I took some medicine that I thought would help and I seriously suffered for two days, the nights I was covered in sweat and I was so weak but my companion gave me a blessing which helped me a bunch, but as of right now the fever went away and I’m still left with a couple of bugs and a sick stomach but I’m still teaching the gospel! The chance to share the gospel is everything to me, one day in the house sick is like one day that I have given up... I don’t have many days to give up! Every day counts! ps. mom I need more Sudafed, it helped hahaha I have no idea what Sudafed is for but it helps!

My companion also got hit by a challenge this week, his little brother got really sick was taken to the hospital.  President called us and he got the chance to talk with his family.  The little brother is not doing well and is in critical condition.  The last we heard was that he slipped into a coma, its really hard for us with all these trials but we are going strong and we have seen some blessings that have changed my life! I have never felt so sad to see my companion sad but he is going strong and by bits and parts we are pulling ourselves together! It seems that the adversary does everything to pull us down, to bring us to our knees, and to make us feel like we are nothing, not good enough and not ready to teach the gospel, but how wrong is he! We must be strong, we must fight back! We can’t give up! We must not give up! Only after the biggest sacrifices brings the biggest blessings! It’s everything or nothing. I feel that the Lord understands what everyone is going through. He felt the pain of losing a love one, he felt the pain of sickness, but he beat everything, so why can’t we beat a little bit of challenges? Why not! It’s all in the attitude!

We have a family that’s progressing very well! I’m so happy to see them come to church yay! They loved it and they are stoked to get baptized! As we taught the plan of salvation we had tears in our eyes to see the click in the family, they paused and the mom stated that she wanted to see her family in the celestial kingdom! For all of those who don’t have a strong testimony.......find it! because with a strong testimony we will never fall! Our dreams will never crumble. And families will be eternal, I’m so sure of this.  I want my family to be a family for the eternities! I love them so much, it pains me to be away from them but how sweet this message is! My family is a family that will live forever and I’m sure that every family can become a family who can taste this wonderful fruit! How sweet is the plan of God!

I know that President Diaz is a man called of god, when he found out that my companions brother was sick he went to the hospital and gave him a blessing.......Wow, I have prayed and I cant deny the answer the Lord has given me, this man is special, he is my newest example, he will help me grow so much! He is a great teacher and I want to be the best teacher possible! 

I love you all, thank you for your love and your prayers, fight the good fight and keep going strong! 

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