Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 8th, 2016

Well I’m kind frustrated to hear everyone say how old I am in the mission and how I don’t have anytime left! Like I don’t already know hahaha. But this week was a week of faith and complete trust in the Lord. John is progressing really well and I can tell that it has not all be fun and games for him, we have climbed a ton of hills this week and we are straight up tired. But the blessings keep on rolling in and I feel so loved! My Heavenly Father loves me so much....... I feel so humble to realize that I am only his instrument, and I am full of errors and he always gives me another chance! The atonement is the greatest thing ever!

Well with John we taught tithing and fasting this week, he is a gym rat and he does not eat anything with grains hahaha so he said that he cant fast because he is always eating. It was one of the first investigator that I have had that has not accepted the law of the fast. I was dumb struck hahaha no not really, I have just come to realize that everyone is different, and that everyone has the right to ask questions, in fact its better to ask, the investigator who asks the most questions is generally the one who progresses most! But the big lesson was on tithing.  Here is some other church’s they abuse this law and this commandment, it was not a surprise to hear doubts from John on this subject, however its not a fact of defending the church about tithing, its about telling the truth, our church, The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints does not steal tithing! How awesome. So that was a great lesson in my eyes, he accepted everything and we are one step closer to his baptism! He will be baptized this Sunday! Only six more days! whoooooooooo! The best part is that his dad "also named John" is one of our converts and will get to baptize his son.......pure love my friends; I have never seen anyone so happy before!

This week was hard on the lunches, so we spent a bunch of time at the house eating whatever was in the house, maybe this is why I only weigh 152 pounds hahaha but the Fernandez family "a family of converts" will give us lunch every day this week, as my eyes watered up I thanked the Lord for such chosen people. They have helped us and will help us so much! So I am looking forward to eating with them!

Side note, my comp has this thing where he likes to scare me at night...... I almost pee my pants sometimes. hahaha I don’t know why but hey if that’s how he gets his kicks and giggles than its fine, but I’m planning the moment in when I will get him really good soon, I’m planning it out before going to bed hahaha. The dreams are coming back and they are getting really weird! seriously I think it’s the mate. but hey I love it!

What has been really fun has been eating watermelon with my comp. They sell like a whole watermelon for a little over a dollar, so it’s a worthy purchase! we cut it in half and eat the whole thing! the only bad thing is that I don’t like the seeds---- but I have come to realize that the seeds make you enjoy the watermelon even more! it makes me slow down and enjoy the whole process. for that I’m thankful.

I love you guys so much! keep the faith! I can't wait to see all of you.

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