Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1st, 2016: John, My testimony about testimonies!

This week was amazing, this change has been amazing, even though we have been in the constant need of new investigators we have seen so many blessings with the ones we have.  The first being John, he is a pure light and testimony for me as a missionary, the second is that we have been fed with pure spiritual experiences! I cant wait to tell you all about it!

So John, he is the son of Juan Carlos Fernandez right? ya so he is pretty much one of my greatest friends that I have found in the mission. I feel like I have been preparing my whole mission for this young man, he is 22 years old, loves the gym but he feels like he is missing something in his life.  As we started to teach him he openly expressed his concern about the salvation of his own soul.  Due to the harsh and false comments about our faith however, he was very hesitant to hear our message, after hearing about the Joseph Smith and the power of God he began to change, the fact that humans can change really is a gift from God, agency is amazing, and what’s even better is that John understands this, so on his own part, he read and began to pray again, this brought those "warm fuzzy" feelings back into his heart and he began to listen to the lessons, however he failed to ask God if this was the right church, the true church, he said that he was not ready yet...... then he asked! And guess what happened......... he got sick! Threw up and could not leave his house, he called and cancelled our appointment.  For fear of losing my best friend we "my companion and I" poured out or hearts to God. Then feeling the impression that we should go and visit his dad’s house we went with the faith to help John, and to our surprise, we found him there, uncertain but with faith, we felt inspired to teach about the priesthood again and about blessings. After watching a video we asked him if he believed in miracles, he said yes and asked for a blessing, I have not felt so nervous for a long time....... in the blessing my companion let the spirit flow and I felt the faith radiating from the three of us! After the blessing, John stood up, gave us a hug and said he felt better! Still weak from the illness but better and felt as if the hand of the Lord touched him in that blessing. I smiled and remembered the story of Zeezrom and Alma, still thinking in this story John said “Elders, what do I have to do to strengthen me faith, I’m ready to do anything!” I could not believe it! Like Zeezrom he then was taught about baptism and accepted a baptism date! Wow, he is a testimony come true, I love this kid. He will be baptized the 14 of Feb..... yep, Valentines Day! Hahaha

Also one of the sister missionary’s got bit by a dog in the street, its not fun to get a call from a freaked out sister missionary saying her companion is bleeding out in the street hahahaha So we went to the hospital with them to get there shots, to my surprise the young new sister missionary was very calm and collected, the other who had not been bit was freaking out, it seems to me like the Lord does and always will send his spirit and the holy ghost to comfort those in need. As I sat in the hospital room I looked around at all the worried people, bleeding, sweating, throwing up and all sorts of sickness, there worried faces made me look again at the sister missionary who was in a different country, did not speak the language, and was bleeding from a serious dog bite "worse than mine" and she was the only face that was calm and even smiling. Why? Because she was blessed with the Holy Ghost. Even in the hardest moments in our lives we can feel its presence, how blessed are we!

All the converts in our sector are great! Kelly and Ignacio just got back from EFY! That was a great experience for them! They are amazing and will be great missionaries,

I gave a talk about mission work, cried and said I only had about three weeks left, I used all the tissues and walked off the stage even more humble then when I got up 15 minutes before, I really do feel like potters clay, and the lord molds me every day.......

I love you all and can’t wait to see you when I get home!

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