Monday, February 1, 2016

January 25th, 2016

How are you guys doing! Man this week has been such a powerful week! Never before have I been so busy! So last Monday right after writing the fam we went running around trying to prepare for the zone conference, it took us forever to find out how to use all this tech stuff but we finally got it ready! Man it was so awesome to have such a great conference, the spirit was so strong. I’m so glad that my zone is full of diligent missionary’s who desire to work there guts out.  I love these guys and to be honest I have a bunch of trust in them, we are doing amazing right now and I could not imagine the love of our Heavenly Father, he blesses us so much and is so ready to help us become useful instruments in his hands!

My companion almost died the other day,,,,,, but seriously, so I don’t know why but there has been some kind of scorpion thing going on because we where teaching a lesson and a scorpion started to climb up his shirt, it was little but seriously I was wondering, "how in the earth does a scorpion get into a house?" Especially it was scary because they have a bunch of babies that walk around the house, so at least it was on Elder Diaz and not a small child! But my comp sat still as I went running out of the house screaming hahahahaha and they managed to get it off and kill it right before it started to crawl onto his skin! The Lord really has blessed us with an amazing blessing! Just like the sons of Mosiah, we have been through so many scary situations but the lord always protects us.... always, if we are obedient we will always survive.  Maybe we need to learn so he lets a dog bite us, or maybe a rock does get thrown in our direction but the Lord is in control and will always be in control of the situation! Oh how I love my Lord and God.

We also as a mission and as missionary’s throughout the world had a world wide training, it was awesome, we learned how to use the spirit more in our lives, and help the people we teach to realize that what they are feeling does not come from men, but god...... wow how neat is that! What powerful teachings! I also learned that we need to teach repentance more! soooooo repent hahahaha. But we cant say repent and think "I’m doing my job" we need to teach why its important to repent, if somebody does not realize WHY then they will never DO. How true a message! So I’m dedicating a lot.... no almost all my time teaching how much the Lord loves us, in fact he loves us so much that he gave us all the chance to repent! How cool is that!

This week we also had interviews with president Diaz, this was amazing because I have never felt the spirit so strong before in my life! He talked and told me some things that made me cry with relief, I’m so grateful that I have been given such a humble man as my president, then after the interviews he asked us to eat lunch with him, that was sooooo fun, eating with him and learning.  I asked him what game was the most stressful for him as a professional goalie. He told me that there was a huge championship and that there were fireworks and dances and ceremony’s..... And everyone was nervous but he felt like a kid, he was not thinking about this game as a job but it was playing something he loved! This made him elevate his game and play to his best potential, he was named the best player of the game, and he won and was honored by many people. Then he looked at me and said "are we not all in love with this game "mission" are we all enjoying ourselves? Or do we think its just a job" it made me really honor what I’m doing, but I’m also enjoying every moment" I love being here and I love the fact that I’m a missionary!

Our best investigator is progressing really well. His name is John, he has accepted baptism but not a date, he is 22 and a gym rat so he is built hahahaha but what a stud, he is reading and praying every day, he will get baptized si o si! 100 percent, but we need to help him get an answer that’s strong enough to let him get baptized!

As I enter into my last month as a missionary I feel like I’m old, its hard to walk up the hills, my young pup comp thinks I’m old but I have a smile that’s bigger than ever! How I love this work!
On top of our sector, the bottom by the ocean is where our sector ends.... 
obviously hahahaha

Right after we learned about repentance

The best family in the world... the family Ponce

This is the view from my window

Got to rock the best soccer team on the planet, Chile!

This is what my comp calls exercise hahahahahaha

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