Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17th, 2015: I am Feeling Better!

Wow that was a crazy experience that I passed through! But I’m doing better and my companion is getting better as well. It was hard but we are progressing and I love the fact that the Lord helped me keep going and I worked every single day! We had a great zone conference this week and I was glad to see the whole zone in one room and talk to them and give them advice, also we had 2 baptism interviews this week and they both passed! Wow I’m telling you that this family is really special, I feel very blessed to be teaching them and I humbly admit that their success has nothing to do with my talent neither my companions, its all about the spirit.  The spirit will always show us the way and I know for a fact that He lives to help us back onto the path and to also help the others get back onto this path! Oh how I love this plan!

So for an update about my health I am doing fine but I can officially say that I feel like I’m about 78 years old. I can feel the pains ha-ha and I do look forward to taking my vitamins in the morning, all I need now is apple sauce and I will be ready to rock and roll! But after taking Sudafed I have been cured and its all thanks to the power of pray and the power of the priesthood.  But also about the brother of my companion. He is getting better and we got the chance to talk to him this past week and wish him a happy birthday. It was cool to hear his voice and see him progressing. But hey the Lord is a loving lord and I love the plan that he has for my family and me. I know that the body is week but I also know that the Lord will push us to our very limits to see how we will act and how we will react to the challenges. I hope that we can all learn how to rise up and meet the Lord face to face and say that we gave everything to him!

The zone conference was way sweet, I love speaking in front of people and I love hearing other mission stories.  I understand that everyone has spiritual experiences so I want to soak in as much as I can during the mission.  It’s a grand error to think that we are the only ones that can  receive the Holy Ghost and hear his voice, we need to learn how to love and how to hear. If we can do that we will learn more and be ready to act and accept the whispers of the spirit.  We are working with some of the sectors to help them find people to baptize, Quilipue is hard... its one of the hardest cities ever but it will help everyone can become a better missionary. I’m so grateful for the chance I had to start my mission in such hard circumstances because I learned that we must sip the bitter before we can drink the sweet “Coke" hahahahahahahahahahaha but everyone can baptize, in any place, any country, its very possible! Just believe!

The family we are teaching are amazing, they have given up almost everything to follow the Lord’s counsel. How blessed I am to have a family here in Chile that can understand the importance of this great church.  They have testimony’s and they are so great! They passed their interviews and came out smiling! I’m so happy for them!

Sorry the letter is so short! I’m trying to send pictures so we will see how that goes.

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