Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27th, 2015: Maybe my last week with Elder Guitierrez

This week was great! I have seen all types of blessings! The best was when 2 of my converts went to the temple and I got to see pictures of them! I feel so happy to know that they are progressing so much! I also love the mission, I love the fact that I can help people grow and gain an even stronger testimony.

So this week I don’t have to much time but I would like to share my thoughts on the temple, the temple to me is such a blessing, when we look for the blessings in this life we will find out how merciful the Lord has been with his children, the temple is really the house of the Lord, when I enter into the temple I cant even begin to explain the feelings that seem to well up in my soul! I also think that we don’t appreciate all the things we have until we lose them, the thing is that I don’t have the chance to go to the temple until after my mission, we live close to the temple but its true, we are missionary’s for the living, not the dead right? So I feel that its okay working every day for the living hahaha its more "interactive" but I cant wait to go and feel the love of the Savior and his spirit through the temple, I cant wait to go with my family, that would really be sweet to me.

This week I have worked a lot with the missionary’s in my zone about really working to receive the blessings of the Lord, I want to be the best I can be, I have faults, I have hard times, and above all I feel that sometimes I struggle with my patience, but I’m constantly working on it and I know that there is improvement and I can see it blessing my life.  I have been working on the constant war against disobedience, I’m so glad that I am with an obedient missionary "a plus when your zone leader" but we have had a missionary who is struggling, he said he felt sick and went home to rest saying he was given doctors permission to do so. But after a week of resting and not working all day I felt like something was wrong, after a long time praying over the matter I called the nurse to ask questions, and then I heard something that made me sick to my stomach, that this specific missionary was never given permission to rest or even go home early, that he was making it all up.  It really hurt me, how can he do such a thing, everyday matters and every hour matters. I can’t believe that someone could do something that would hurt someone else.  In the start of my mission I came to the conclusion that if I miss one day or even an hour then I’m "hurting" someone spiritually, every hour, every minute I work I become a instrument for the Lord!  And what happens if that person who is ready for the gospel walks in the street right when I decided to go home?! No I will never be able to go home early and I never will, this mission means so much to me and I love the fact that I am a missionary and I must live the missionary standard, and that is "excellence"

So I practiced my patience when I called to talk to this missionary, it went well, I corrected him, yet I did not yell, wow I must be improving! hahahaha I was sick to my stomach and I think that he learned never to do that again. 

My companion and I are doing great, we are trying to have a couple more changes together, I will see this wed what happens! I sure hope so!

I want you all to know how much I love my Savior, he is my older brother that I can count on to help me make right choices, and for that I will be forever grateful, I have found that the best thing we can do is draw ourselves nearer to him, its my goal, my passion and I will follow him. I’m so happy that my mission has changed me, I’m obedient, diligent, honest and I love work, and I don’t like disobedience, its a disgust to me, I love working and I love the fact that my family is eternal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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