Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20th, 2015: Another Good Week On the Books!

Well this week was a blast! I’m happy for the chance I have to serve as a missionary for the church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. When I think about serving the Lord I feel a great responsibility and I feel the love of the Lord.  I also feel a great weight on my shoulders, sometimes its weird to think but the Lord puts his trust in twenty year old boys to teach and preach the gospel in this part of the world.  I really have this great love and respect for all the other missionary’s who have come and gone and especially are going as missionary’s, we as gods army should become even more loving as gods representatives. 

This week was a week of learning, I love the book of Mark in the New Testament, I love how the Lord teaches us to "take up the cross" and follow him.  This has recently become my theme as a missionary.  We as humans and as latter day saints are generally obedient to the laws of god, but does that mean we are perfect? No! Sometimes we are obedient because we have to be, but not because we want to be.  The secret to this life and the secret to gain all the blessings that we could ever want is to have the desire and the heart to be diligent and to gain the love and confidence from the Lord! The act of taking up our own cross is to become even more like the Lord and our Savior, obviously we cant go outside and build a cross and carry it around... but we must become like him and leave the things that are from the world in the world, and we need to gain a better understanding of living the Lords commandments.  It all makes so much sense! It’s like going the extra mile! Then we can really become more like the Lord and become his servants.  So how can we do this? An example is something that I took out of my life, before going to sleep I used to think about skiing, it was nice to think about skiing and living in the world and I thought it relaxed me, but now I do so much more than that.  Now I think about Book of Mormon stories and I love it! Something so little has helped me so much, my night terrors are not as frequent hahaha and I feel better, wow works haha thank you Book of Mormon stories!

Also I’m so proud of my little brother Luke, I talk about him all the time, and my companion "Elder Gutierrez" says that he will go to "Argentina!" as for me I’m almost positive that he will serve in Canada but he will be speaking French.  And there it is, after a bunch of meditation and thought and scripture study I’m guessing ole Canada but speaking French, hope I’m right! But I thank my savior for the chance my little brother gets to feel the love of the lord and teach his gospel.  I got to admit I still sing in the shower, I sing worse but I sing the song "I hope they call me on a mission" and I get a laugh out of the fact that I’m actually serving a mission, then almost cry thinking my time is running out.... what crazy mood swings haha but I love this life and I feel great! I have better health and I feel like I’m doing well! Its time to baptize!

One of my stories for the week was when we confirmed Matias as a member of the church, I don’t know why but we did not have communication with this family for the whole week, they would not answer their phone and they would not come to the door 
"because they are often studying".  Of course I freaked out and started to get nervous I think I picked up this trait from my dad, haha. But after a bunch of prayer and a special fast he showed up Sunday and said that he was away from his house for a week but that he received every message and every letter we wrote at left at his door and with a smile this little 9 year old kid told me "I wouldn’t miss the Holy Ghost for the world" and I marveled at that! Why don’t we as members of the church do everything we can to keep the spirit in our lives? We should do everything possible to be at the church early reading our scriptures and getting ready to be apart of the sacrament! I will do everything and anything to gain myself the Holy Ghost as my constant friend.  I love that right at this moment I know that the lord trusts me enough to make the right decisions to edify the church in this city.  I feel like this city has become my project to the Lord, nine moths in my mission has been spent sweating, laughing and crying in this hot humid city to establish the kingdom of god. I love how I could walk down the street and usually I can meet someone that I know, and we are talking about main street! Its as if this people have noticed that I have been here awhile hahahaha. 

Thank you for all your prayers, I feel them, I cherish them, and I love you all!

Elder Logan Shill Passey

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