Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6th, 2015: The Power of the Fast and Chile won Copa America!

Okay I just want all of you to know how different our mission president is! I know without a doubt that he is called of god to be our leader in this great work, the work of salvation! What blessings we have to be apart of this great work. We also confirmed Cecilia a member of the church! Wow she was so full of happiness that it was incredible! Also I had my first council with president Diaz, this man is an angel sent from god as well as his wife! Other than that this week was full of challenges, we walked and walked, like pioneers jaja and guess what I know that it all paid off! What blessings do we have as members of the church! Sometimes we forget don’t we? It’s so easy to forget God as natural men, but how can we ever do that to our Lord and Savior? I know that we must be constantly fighting our natural man and one way we can do this is by fasting and heart felt prayer.

So I’m sure my mom is dying to know about my new president, well they are from Chile and they are so full of love that it’s almost unreal! The other thing is that the change has been drastic, I still quite don’t know what to think, he has given us literally so much freedom! For example, I feel like one of those dogs who are always on a leash and then when for the first time in their lives they are let free they go wild and just spaz out, ya that’s how I am right now, I’m still trying to figure everything out but let me just tell you what’s changing first, we can now drink coke! Hahahahahahaha Yes! I love the coke down here and it is seriously better then mountain dew or any other drink in the world! It is different than the coke in the USA because it was real sugar and more sugar hahahaha but hey I think that’s the reason why it was banned in the first place, because gringos get addicted, but I will only buy a little bit "as I pause to take a nice long sip of my coke:)" hahaha.  But the other thing that is really weird was that he is letting us go anywhere we want during our p day, remember when president shut that rule away and made it even more strict, well its gone and I have my little zone running free through a huge city in south America.......what could go wrong right? Also we can drink a drink that’s called mate, its an herbal drink that’s drunk out of a cool looking straw and an old cup, I cant wait to try it out and see why south America is going nuts for it! But we will see tonight hahahaha. The other thing that I love is that we can also get together as a zone, we have never done this as a mission, while other missions do this every Monday it is so new to me its almost to weird to think of, but hey I know that he is receiving revelation from the lord so I will follow with all my heart! I love him and the love he shows all of us especially when we are proud of what we have done.  I am learning the importance of the power of love and how it can help everyone stay obedient, we will see how it works out! But game on! I have been dying to play some soccer!

Also I just want to tell all of you that CHILE WON THE AMERICA CUP! Chile has never won a cup before and when they won it was so nuts, I have seen many things before in my mission, I have seen riots in Valparaiso and I have seen earthquakes and fires, but I have never seen the people go quite as crazy as when they won the America cup! The best part was.........hahaha get this, PRESIDENT DIAZ SAID WE COULD WATCH IT, so on the Fourth of July I had a huge bbq and then we sat down in front of a huge screen at the bishops house and watch the last and final game of the America cup, Chile against Argentina.  It was nuts and I have not felt that much suspense and nerves as I felt watching Chile go into extra time and then beat there dreaded foes in penalty’s! Wow it was nuts, it was also the first time I have watched TV in one year and three almost four months, not going to lie I felt so weird! I felt like I was breaking every rule in the book "which I was if president K was still my president" but with Diaz no, it was fun to watch this country win! Finally it is over, it was so hard to teach because everyone was so filled with nerves for the big game. Every member was praying that Chile could win, ya it was a little bit extreme but hey I’m living in South America, everything is extreme!

But the best part of the week was when all of Chile fasted for rain, Chile has been going through some seriously strong droughts and we as a country fasted for rain and when sacrament meeting passed and we walked outside it was pouring rain!!!!!!! The tear-filled eyes of the people could not make me hide my tears as I realized that God does listen to every prayer, no matter if its a zone leaders plea for more help and revelation or if its a entire country fasting for rain, GOD WILL ALWAYS HELP HIS CHILDREN. What blessings we have as sons and daughters of him! 

Matias did not get baptized yet, we fill that he needs more time to get ready, his parents and inactive, so we are trying to keep him full of hype and help his parents reactivate in the church!

I love you all so much thank you so much,

Elder Passey

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