Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29th, 2015: My Presidente is going home and Cecilla got baptized

Wow this week was a Little bit wild but tons of stuff passed and I want to tell you all everything! Finally Cecilla got baptized and we also will baptize the fifth of July! His name is Matias and he is so awesome! He is a little boy that has nine years and he acts like a 20 year old ex missionary, so SPIRITUAL. As for this week the work has been attacked by the America cup that’s going on in Chile, but I will tell you more about that in a bit!

The Gran Cecilla was baptized and it was such a great experience! I have to give the credit for the beautiful service to all the young women in the ward, they planned out everything with such talent and spirit, she was crying the whole way through it and I could not help but cry as well, well just a Little bit hahaha.  But I love the tender mercy’s of the lord and how we can all be made clean again, I love to see the change in these wonderful people, I love being a missionary and to call everyone to repentance through the love and the atonement of Jesus Christ. What great blessings we have to be a part of this church! But a couple days before the baptism Cecilla was getting really nervous and then she fell ill, fearing that she could not be baptized the following day she called up asking for a blessing, after the blessing she asked me to be the one to baptize her, for me it is such an honor to baptize and I was so humbled to help her in this ordinance. Her baptism went so well! The only problem was that the water was so cold that I entered first and felt the breath come out of me "this happens a lot during our baptisms" and as I help her into the Font I started to shake because the spirit was so strong and because it was cold haha.  Its one of those moments when I’m glad I get to baptize the person because entering the water would be a serious challenge, but its another act in the devotion of the person who will do anything to be clean right?

Sorry mom I know I’m writing so bad but my hands are so cold! "I miss heating systems so much" but its really hard to write because my hands are so stiff, hahahahahaahaha speaking of hand my companion had the craziest thing happen to his hands and they got all swollen and had little zit looking things on them and I thought he was going to pass out.  We were in a lesson with Matias and I was looking directly at him and then the next moment passed and my companion whispered to me to look at his hands, as I looked down I about lost my lunch! Hahaha he had like two little clubs where his hands should of been! We rushed and put rubbing alcohol on them and it hurt him even more "I think it was never my life’s calling to be a doctor" so then we rubbed lemon on it, this is a typical trick in Chile, lemon fixes everything! Good news now is that he only has the bumps but his hands went back down again! Whew! I don’t like to miss days working and neither does my companion, I love working with him and we get a bunch of things done!

The America cup is going on and Chile has never won it before and it’s going on in the country of Chile and they are in the semi finals! Its crazy and the flags are out and people get drunk at about 1 in the afternoon and they get prepped for the game at 8, hope they win! They are going up against Peru, they are the worst enemy’s of Chile, but honestly I love the people from Peru. It’s really hard to teach on days like these because no one wants to listen! But we show the Lord our faith and he really does bless us.

I have a huge testimony of the power of blessings, but not only blessing but the power of being worthy to give a blessing in the moment of need, let us all be ready to serve the lord in every minute of the day shall we? I also learned this week that we need to act the part, we must look, talk and smile like god’s children, we must not be prideful but we must humbly serve the Lord with all our might! I am swinging my sickle with all my might and I’m taking the harvest and giving everything to the Lord! What blessings I have!

I went back to my old sector last week and talked with my old mamita, she was so awesome and her son just came home from the mission! Elias piña my first convert is suffering from memory issues and it was really hard for me........ He could barely talk and remember me, but I know the things he did when he was younger was he chance to follow the lord.

I love you all,

Elder Passey

Ya my companion broke one of the toilets so I went to work and I did what I do best, 
I fix things redneck style, its a serious talent! 
I made a new chain for the toilet with a hanging iron! 

Going to work!

Zone leader meeting, June 2015

How did the pioneers get down here?!!!

Oh, ye city of Quilipue

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