Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22nd, 2015: The Power of a Father

Wow first off happy fathers day dad! I love you so much! Thank you for teaching me all the correct principals on how to become an even better missionary and future father! Life is so amazing in the mission field and I just want all of you to know how much I love being a missionary, I love that the spirit is so close and how we can really feel the power of the priesthood at work in our lives! I now understand just a Little bit more on how the power of prayer and fasting can change a persons life and your own as well! Cecilla is doing great and we have a couple more baptism dates and I am sooooo happy! Also I am still in Quilpue with my same Chilean companion! Yes! Baptisms! We work well together and it’s a blast to have a Chilean as my companion!

Bueno, this week has been full of challenges! We are doing all we can to find new people to teach! We have a couple baptism dates and we are really hoping to get everything planned out for July! I’m ready to kick into super mode! July will be the greatest month Quilpue has ever seen! But to start out I would like to tell an experience about Cecilla, she is a missionary in the making! The spirit has been so strong in the lessons! She passed her baptism interview and as she left she had tears in her eyes and was saying how blessed she was to make real promises with the Lord! Her baptism will be this Sunday! We seriously can’t wait! The coolest lesson we have had with that family was talking about the temple! I am so blessed to live close to the temple in Utah! Well all of them for that matter! I am so ready to enter into the temple and feel the love of the Lord! But to explain the temple to an investigator is quite different, you have to let them feel the love of the lesson, if you only teach with words then you will fail as a missionary, it was our HONOR to teach how she could help save her family and let them partake of these everlasting covenants as well! It was so cool! She is starting to fill out her family history! Great!

Also my companion has been really sick this week, I think it’s the flu; I hope I don’t catch it! But there is no need to fear! Hermana Marta is here! hahahaha she jumped to the rescue and saved us with warm drinks with lemon and honey! yummy yummy for the tummy! but I think he is doing quite well.  He is on the upside! I remember my first winter in Quilpue as well! Its so cold in the morning and then you get sunburned and night! What’s going on! But then you freeze again at night; everyone says that Utah is extreme! But all in all we are living! I am so happy for the chance to serve for NINE MONTHS in the city of Quilpue, it has been the city where I have learned so much about myself, sometimes it really is my oven of affliction and almost always I have found the most sweetest and wonderful blessings in this city!

Crazy story of the week is that I lost my companion! Wow it was totally nuts! But one thing that I have grown to love is public transportation. Anyway we are on this bus full of sweaty people and after an hour-long bus ride I was literally going nuts when people started to bring their dogs onto the bus! So then I got the fear of having fleas and I started to panic, I get really claustrophobic and when three dogs and about fifty plus people I was just about to pass out, when we finally made it to the bus stop to get off and walk the last mile and a half to the church I let out a breath of relief and jumped off the bus and I looked back for my companion as he was just about to step off the bus the doors closed and he took off with the bus! THE LOOK OF HOROR ON HIS FACE MATCHED MINE AS I WAS LEFT IN THE SMOKE AND HE WENT OFF TO THE NEXT STOP, WHICH WAS VIÑA! LIKE AN HOUR AWWAY I started to run after the bus and it stopped like a mile away and my comp jumps off a moving bus! Phew! What relief! I can’t be alone ever again! I need to have a companion when I get home for sure! But we laughed and it was one of those shaky laughs! hahahahahahahahah so now we get off the bus literally at the same time! And I dont have fleas! Yes!

I love father’s day and I especially love my father. He has taught me so much and I love to think about what he would do in some of the situations I am facing in my mission, I have always based my life off of him and I am so proud to call him my father! I remember one time when we where hiking in the mountains and I thought that for sure we were lost! I was so ready to eat the dog haha but my dad led us back to the path! He also has led me away from spiritual danger, what a great father I have had! What I want to share is that we all have a Heavenly Father, and ever day should be father’s day for him!

I love you all so very much!

Elder Passey

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