Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th, 2015: The Joy of being a Missionary

This is the best time of my life.  I have never felt like this before in my life! I love feeling the spirit and I love working as hard as I can to find, teach and bring others to the restored gospel.  This is the greatest moment that I have ever witnessed. I am not who I used to be. I feel like I have a even greater love for time on this earth because I am losing time fast and I feel really sad to think that I am "on the downhill slide" so please, all other writers who are so loving to write me, please do not talk about time. We also have seen so many miracles through the power of fasting and prayer!

So good news is that I got another letter from the Castillo family! Mom will you talk to them and send my love through Facebook please!  Send them pictures and stuff! Catalina went through the temple and I have felt so blessed to see her enter the temple. I feel like all this suffering and hard work pays off and when we feel the richness of the gospel I just want to yell at the top of my lungs, that’s when I know that when I am tired

Starting again with the Castillo family, so they all paid for Catalina to go to the temple! She sent me a picture and it made my eyes fill with tears, I can’t explain the love I feel for this family. Wow it is so incredible to see how they have become so enwrapped in the gospel. I hope and pray that we all might develop the hunger for the gospel like a new convert has. If we all become like that then I know without a doubt that no one would go inactive, a new convert who really feels the love that the Savior has for him is a member who really has what it takes to get into the kingdom of the Lord! I hope that we might all become a little bit hungrier for the gospel. 

Miracles through prayer and fasting really do exist! It’s incredible. So there is a young adult here in my sector and her name is Cecilla, she is so awesome! She is 24 and lives in the house of her best friend "they are all members" so what happened was that the missionary’s have been teaching this girl for about 7 years........that is incredible! She said that almost all the missionary’s tried to pressure her into baptism and how she would always reject it. Then we came, we have literally fasted for her for the whole change! It was incredible to see her progress, we gave her a new Book of Mormon and she began to read, I testify that those who read the Book of Mormon with a hunger to learn and to feel the Holy Ghost will gain a testimony of the truth. She began to read and the lessons became more spiritual. We felt the spirit even stronger and we became even more happy to see here coming to church.  Then Saturday happened, all day we felt the need to visit her, she is so hard to find that sometimes we can only pass by on specific days, well we passed by anyway and she came out in tears.  We passed and talked to her and the family and we came to an understanding of why she was crying. This daughter of God had received an answer. She shared with us her notebook of the Book of Mormon, she writes down everything! It was so lined with notes and tear drops that the spirit just seemed to radiate from her of the Book of Mormon and she bore her testimony saying the time was right for her to be baptized! Wow how special! It was amazing. I thank my Heavenly Father for helping us with this convert, she will be baptized the 28 of June, and so we are waiting to see what will happen!

Transfers are this Wed! I Hope I don’t get transferred! noooooooooo! I love my companion to death and I feel like I have been given the greatest companions in the world! 

I had my first council meeting with president and all the other zone leaders last Friday! Wow what a experience, I was there receiving spiritual food for about 12 hours! It was so incredible. We went out to lunch and he took us out to the fanciest restaurant that I think I have ever been in, not even in the USA! It was over the ocean and it was amazing. The president’s wife ordered the food and I ate my first blood sausage! Not going to lie it was the grossest thing I could of ever eaten but president liked it and everyone else had to eat it so we would not waste his money hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  But hey I lived and I feel stronger then ever! What strong experiences we feel when we as latter day saints get together and share about the gospel!

Copa America has started and it’s almost as bad as it was during the world cup last year.  And even worse this year the Copa America is in Chile! It’s so crazy here! I CANT EXPLAIN WHY EVERYONE GOES NUTS WHEN CHILE PLAYS but hey I hope they win it all. It would be so sweet! They all hate Brazil but hey hope we can win! 

I love you all and I hope that we can find this hunger and really convert ourselves to the gospel. 

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