Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 8th, 2015: The Gift of the Holy Ghost

After this week I testify that the Holy Ghost is a mans greatest friend! Without this love and without the guidance from our loving savior we would be lost in this hard world. This week was really crazy and I can’t believe everything that has happened! Marta was confirmed we have a family that is progressing in the church and I found a song in the hymnbook that I love! Also I’m happy to say that we are happy!

I’m so sorry I could not write this past week! We were super busy with some stuff that we had to fix. But hey I just want you all to read Helaman 13 a 16. Never before have I read where such missionary’s could teach and have such instant results! Samuel the Lamanite is a serious champ. I want to teach and preach repentance as much as he did! In these couple chapters his desire to have the hearts of men humbled is as clear as water! In the talk of Samuel he said the word repent about 26 times! I think its clear what we need to do "repent" to become better we need to find out what we need to "cast into the fire" in moments like this I love to sit back and admire what the mission has done for me! I love looking to find what I must do to become better. I was definitely not the same as I was when I first started this mission. I thank our Heavenly Father every day of my life for just the chance I have to be here in the mission let alone leaving and striving to be the best I can be. We must be like Samuel the Lamanite, he was literally hated by those around him but yet he loved them, interesting right? I remember my old high school rivalry’s and my old enemy’s but that was nothing like what Samuel the Lamanite went through! He suffered for many days and then was walking back home tired and hot and sad for the hearts of men but yet after hearing the call from the Lord went back and no one could tell him no. Let us all become a little more like him and I promise we will see this church grow at an even faster rate!

As you all know I love to sing, yes I do sing horribly but singing makes me feel like I can pray out loud with everyone else! Its like we are all giving thanks to the Lord at the same time! I think back to the days of King Benjamin in the scriptures, when he finished his talk everyone yelled Hosanna and they were filled with the Holy Ghost, its just like singing! Hosanna Hosanna to God and the Lamb! What glorious phrase is that! I love it so much! But the hymn I sang all week was 219 because I have been given much. I encourage you all to sing it and hear its beautiful words!

We had problems with the font and I decided we must fill it with the fire hose! It was a crazy adventure but turns out water is water, so Marta was baptized! hahahaha I think I need to become a firefighter because I already have the experiance and I can fight fires and fill fonts with a suit on! but all is good here in Marga Marga Quilpue and I feel the coldness creeping into my bones, I hope that I can overcome this winter. I remember when I passed the winter the first time I said " I will never come back here again for the winter" well here I am and I’m stoked!

The baptisms are coming and I have a goal to baptise every month until the end of my mission, challenge from president to us and I am going to do it!

Thank you for all your prayers and this love you are sending me. I feel the spirit so closely and I hope that you are all doing well!

Elder Passey

Zone Conference, Quilipue.  May 2015

Mom I literally made homemade empanadas and they are so good! 
Spicy tuna! Who would of thought that I would like tuna!

Us at five in the morning filling up the baptism font with the fire fighter hose.
Ya, I have had some previous skill with the fire fighter hose so it all worked out.

Baptism of Marta

Man I love doing my hair mom

Sunrise from my desk at personal study.

Me and my convert Marta

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