Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24th, 2015: So Many Stories To Tell!

Wow this week has been so great! I’m so happy to be a missionary and man I was a little bit nervous because we had some scary stuff happen but the Lord is always there to help us get back on the path! Karina and Ingrid got baptized! It was so awesome! Not going to lie we had five baptisms and I was really happy to see the whole ward helping us out! I felt like it was a major success! 

So we ran out of phone minutes, that for a missionary really sucks, I remember when I had unlimited minutes back at home! It was horrible running out of minutes because you have to use public phones, which are expensive! But the baptism was awesome, the font in my church is really slow to fill up with water and needs a person there at all times.  So we woke up at five in the morning and got ready and went to the church at about six thirty.  I was way tired and my companion as well and we walked about a fourth of a mile away from our house and we realized we forgot our baptism clothes.  I was like "dude, how can we forget our clothes!" so we turn around and walk all the way back to the house and get everything and start off again and we reached the same spot and my companion said "Elder, I think we forgot something....." we forgot the baptism forms.......ugh! So we turned around and walked back grumbling hahahahaha. As we were leaving the second time we reached the same spot and I was praying that we did not forget anything else and I heard my companion say "Elder, I’m so sorry but I don’t have my plac" I responded "okay compadre what’s going on.....what a bad joke! It was both our faults but we went back to the hose and we could not find his plac at all! It was a little tough but after a prayer we searched some more and then he said Elder...... and I see him reach into his suit pocket and pull that bad boy out and I almost went cholo on him. hahaha But we finally got to the church to fill up the font with the fire hose, the bishop does not like using the fire hose so much but hey it works hahaha so that was that and we ended up walking a bunch that day.

So the night terrors are back and my companion is sleeping with this club thing to protect himself, I’m finding my socks in the shower in the morning and I cant remember putting them there.  Elder Gutierrez does not want to wake me up but watches hahahaha.  But normally I’m yelling or freaking out about something, but I can never remember what! Its crazy and I know that something happened in the night time when I cant remember anything...... weird.  It might be the water or something! But I’m like stage zombie in the nighttime! Holy cow guys I’m so happy have not tried to leave the house yet! Whew.....

Also I love this drink called mate, it’s so huge here and it’s big in all of South America! Its some herbs and you drink it from a pumpkin through a metal straw, its so good and delicious, you can drink it bitter or sweet but I love it bitter, it like wet hay...... but man I love it so much and I will definitely drink it after the mission. I can drink about a litter and a half ever day and I end up going to the bathroom like seven times before going out to teach the gospel! Which is awful to leave the house and have to pee, but I’m learning how to control myself hahahahahaha.

We had a funny thing happen during a lesson, we were teaching the Santiago family and we turned off the lights and we explained that the light of Christ can help us see the good in life and become better people. After certain points we turned one light on after another until the whole room was full of light and they totally understood the concept.  Then the drunk dad came in and said he heard the whole thing..... I was thinking he would say he wanted to join and I was stoked and then after a long pause he stated "I heard everything and I’m not doing a single thing you guys said!" Then the wife responded saying he was living like this and suddenly turned off the lights and said "in darkness fool!" It was so funny and we all laughed until tears where pouring down our faces and he ended up listening! Huh hahaha it worked!

I learned about justice and mercy this week, I hope and pray that we all understand these two concepts. If not we need to understand them.  We can only believe in mercy. If we do we will find out soon that we did not do our part to make things right in this world, we must believe in justice to gain mercy. If we don’t believe in justice we will live our lives out of balance! Please, believe in justice to gain our mercy in the last day, I’m far from perfect but I understand that if I do everything I can do believing in justice then the mercy from God will save me! How great this plan is!

My Lord and God loves me, and tearfully I can say that I know He lives! He is my savior, he has saved my soul.  I beg all of you to develop a better testimony of the grace of God.  I love my family and I love my brother Luke for all of the choices he is making right now! 

Elder Passey

This is a picture of Karina! She loves Pokémon hahaha

This member is awesome; he always wants us to eat at his house!

The Santiago family

The Santiago family

The Santiago family,Triplets wow

This is the greatest drink I have ever had in my life, I will drink it forever! 
It’s some herbs that you drink from a pumpkin and through a metal straw! 
Wow so great!

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