Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 2nd, 2014,

Wow this has been a crazy month and it feels like only days have gone by and now I'm in June? what?  It's crazy to think but it has been a very productive month.  This week I had some serious fights with dogs, planned an activity and taught some lessons where I cried.....ya cried I'm turning into my dad.  But most of all I learned the power of fasting and the power of prayer.

Okay where to begin.  So I have always heard and watched videos of dogs going crazy on TV but I never thought that it could happen to me right?  Well I have had two fights with these dogs and have to say I pretty proud of myself for coming out on top.  The first one was at night, we were walking home after a lesson and it was freezing, cold and foggy and we were singing and laughing and having a gran ole time until we see this mass come out of this fog and it was a dog walking on this street corner by a house.  Normally its in its gate and is fenced in but not today!  We where seriously nervous because its crazy and it was growly and went running across the street at us and do you guys remember in school how we learned there is this thing called fight or flight?  if not its simple, its when a person is scared he either runs or he defends himself.  Not going to lie my come and I are the exact opposite.  I was scared out of my life but I had the power of God with me "my Book of Mormon in my hand" and went out swinging.  The funny thing is that i seriously could not believe my companion. he shouted "cuidado" or careful in English haha and literally pushed me towards the dog and started running away and literally left me to die.  So at this point I had tons of thoughts going through my head all of course not in Spanish and my thoughts where something like this "I knew this is how I would die, in the streets of South America alone" and I swung my Book of Mormon and connected with this dogs face and I was so nervous and it was running around barking and we slowly backed up and then ran.   I  seriously thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest and it was intense.  Later my comp apologized for pushing me and I gave him a hard time. seriously what a dweeb master.   But seriously what can you do?  we had a really good laugh about it but he said it wont happen again.  Weeeeeellll the next day we where contacting in the Tomas and there was this gate that is held together by some seriously loose wire and we called out and this dogs seriously ran into this fence and it was flash backs to the movie World War Z where the zombies have no care for the bodies and just throw themselves at stuff.  Ya well I saw this wire coming off the fence and it was seriously about to open so I was pushing back on this fence while these crazy dogs were going crazy and were about to take me out.  I saw this dog running for the fence and I'm being dead serious when I pushed with all my force and strength and the dog punked and psyched me out and faked it so I was the one who pushed the gate open and my comp yelled some things in Spanish that I have no idea what it was and started running.  Again I was using the word of god to defend me but these dogs did not get the opportunity to get close but they all went blitzing out and around us and going crazy and it seriously was like a pack of wolves.  But hey, we lived and all is well.   After when we were walking away and I was calming down because when i'm nervous or angry and scared I lose my Spanish and after awhile I asked what was up with my comp not helping me and he said he had literally no control of his body and he went running for his life.  Not going to lie though I felt like I was going to be dog food!

Speaking of dog food do you guys remember that little girl in the picture?  I hope my mom posted it but she had these cute bunnies and seriously one day she heard all this barking and came out and saw all these wild dogs who attacked and killed and ate all her bunnies and it was literally the saddest thing to see them all in tears.  They asked if animals went to heaven too and we said all living beings go to heaven and we had a great little lesson of the plan of salvation.  Other lessons we were with this older guy who was baptised a long time ago and is way inactive and he was this crazy sailor who sings opera and loves grilled cheese and he is the funniest dude and he has all these crazy hats.  He has this cat that him and his wife could not decide a name for and finally the wife was really frustrated and yelled "yo no se!" which is "I don't know" and that became its name. "Yo no se." haha.  It was good to see him come to church this week and he bore the greatest testimony ever!  The work has been hard but we have some families that might be gold.  We have tons of lessons today so we will see how they go!

Fasting is not so bad now that I'm a missionary and I seriously learned so much about the power of prayer and I want you guys to know that we can always talk to our Father in Heaven and I have recieved some great answers that have blessed my life.  The Spanish is going along and I feel comfortable but some people here are jokers and say I don't understand him to everything I say and the thing is that I can understand them and they look to my companion and my comp seriously repeats the same exact question and the contact is like "ohhhhhh I understand now".  Ugh I seriously get so frustrated and my comp says its just the persons arrogance but hey what can you do right?  I know my Spanish is not perfect but I'm comfortable with everybody and I'm not scared to speak my mind. I Love you all and I pray for you every day.  Stay strong and Choose The Right.

Medicine that cures all.

For the past three days we had absoulutly zero money and it really sucked but we had to walk from my house to the center of Quilpue.  My house is on the corner of sotomayor and ortiz vega. We had three thousand pesos left and we blew it on this cake.. we lived on cake for like three days.

Ya I really live in South America.  We dont have a clue who these magnificent creatures belong to but hey why not eat trash?

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