Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9th, 2014

Well my first six weeks have gone by super fast and now here i am with a new companion!  It was so sad to see Elder Artiga go and we had a little cry session and one last foto shoot before he left.  It was so hard to see him leave but now he is a district leader.  We have had a ton of success here in my area this week but it was all because of our faith and obedience in the commandments.  Especially the rules of the mission and I already have stories of my new comp

Bueno.  My new comp is from Mexico.  This is the first blessing of my life because I pray every day to learn more of the language and when its only Spanish twenty four hours a day it helps!  His name is Elder OSUNA and I know it is hard to pronounce so hear it is "oh sue na".  He is this stud that seriously works so hard.  I have this testimony of following the rules of the mission right but my comp is way obedient which is way cool.  He has this stop watch and when the mission handbook says we have one hour for personal study for Elder Osuna it is literally one hour. haha  I have so much love for him already and we really get along.  He loves movies and English and he is always asking questions in English.  I love it.  He seriously looks like a James Bond.  No joke. But we have received so many blessings already and since transfers "last Wednesday"  We have five new investigators and all of them but one has accepted baptism.  This week we have worked with a chip on our shoulder for some reasons that I will tell you later and I love our attitude for the work.  It is so nice to work way hard.  Elder Artiga was a great example and taught me so many things and the Lord will always send new companions to help us grow and be better.  I always felt that we could of done more in our area but we worked hard and had a peace attitude.  Elder Osuna and I are all amped up and ready to rock and roll and no one can tell us differently.

We are literally two young kids against the world with the help our our Lord and our Savior.  I like our odds.  His birthday is March 19 so I am a week older then him and guess what..... we have the same time in the mission.  Ya crazy huh, we have served in the mission for exactly the same time and we are way young.  For missionaries that are serving in their native language they serve for two weeks in the MTC.   For missionaries in different languages they study in the MTC for six.  Osuna was in the MTC two weeks before me and left the day I showed up at the MTC!  We have been serving about the same time and he is finishing my "in the field" training.  It is so crazy and everybody says its way weird and strange and its weird also that he came to me.  So I am the senior companion in the area and he follows me around everywhere because I have a little bit of a knowledge of my area!  Thank goodness Elder Artiga had me memorize the names of the streets!  We are pretty much co companions and we have the same goals and desires for the work.  A fire in the belly so to speak.  We are always on the go looking and searching for the people who can be changed by this gospel.  He is a convert and has seriously one year in the church right now and what a testimony.  We are changing lives so fast and I feel a different energy.  Okay and here is the other thing....are you ready for this, he is also the DISTRICT LEADER!!!!!!! how crazy.  So he has three months in the mission and he is a district leader too and he is training me.  Not really in the lessons but in the language.  How crazy and he has only served for three months.  My time.  People hear about our attitude and people think and say we will burn out soon and slow down and its just because we are young but I promise that is a straight up lie.  I have this deep desire for the work and I have not felt it this strong before my mission.  I'm ready to rock and role and we seriously fight for the right to preach.  I pray everyday and thank my God for this opportunity to learn from one of the best missionarys in the field!

This week we seriously stood in the rain for a whole week.  It rained and rained and not a Utah rain mind you but a South American rain and it was nuts and I always feel wet and cold.  We went to work.  The first thing we did was save our stuff from the flood in our house. What was the first thing i saved?  My superman shirt and my chapstick, then my scriptures and so on.  But it was good and todo vein.  It was only an inch and a half of water and it drained out on its own.  The first family we taught was Familia Gonzalez.  This family is so nice and they have the love of God in them.  They are a family who loves to listen to our message and we shared an great message and they accepted the invitation for baptism so I hope and pray they carry on and learn more.  This Wednesday is the goal for the date so please, pray for them to feel this message, especially Victor.  Then we taught Jorge.  In the night it gets super foggy and we were walking down this muddy street and all of the sudden I felt this prompting to call out to this house.  I can not describe it but it was just a instinct and we called out and this man came running out and rushed to us saying he had questions about Joseph Smith.  We were astonished! We taught him and he wants to get baptised as well!  He has a date for the 28 de Junio and I hope and pray that he continues to progress.  His wife is a not a good example and he has a little smoking problem but we can handle that.   We also got a reference from a little kid named Cristian.  This kid is a stud.  One of the boys in our ward has been inviting him to church and we can teach him the lessons!  These are the souls who are ready for the gospel as of right now in Quilpue Chile.......crazy
I  want you guys to know that my testimony has grown so much in the past few months.  I have grown so much and I have a testimony of the gift of tongues.  I don't know how but people say I'm fluent when i teach these investigators.  It is so crazy I love you all.

Same tie day for me and Elder Artiga

My New Comp, Elder Osuna

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

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