Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 9th, 2015: 2 Baptisms!

First off mom I want you to know that I have been trying to send pictures but honestly we have been rocking this free government program which offers free internet, its like a trailer house with some ghetto computers in it and I promise that I’m trying to send pictures but its not reading my camera, I have a bunch of pictures that are really cool and really sweet and I’m so stoked for life and everything, but guess what, we have received the fruit of our labors and we baptized again, this time with two baptisms! We baptized a family that we have been working with they are seriously so cool and I love life when I am at there house! We also have finished the change and we are waiting for the dreaded phone call! Ugh I hope I stay here one more change! Time fly’s and I think I am one of those missionary’s that will serve for a bunch of time in a sector! But we will see!

Okay so the familia! They consist of the mama, Roxana and she was baptized when she was eight years old! Wow but super inactive! Anyway her two kids, Alexander and Danitza are awesome and remind me of Luke and Rachel, but I just love the craziness that is in there house and how I know that family’s are crazy! That life is wild and that we are never going to have the whole "perfect family" they scream yell and fight with each other and to be honest I felt at home in their house! It has been something I have been missing for the past eleven months! Anyway through a bunch of prayer and fasting we finally got them baptized! It was my first baptism where all of us where in white! It was so spiritual and they where so ready to be baptized! I was feeling so strongly the love that the savior has for me and how I can become a better person through his love and guidance. These two kids are studs and trust me pictures are on the way, they where so hard to teach because they would not sit still and they would always be asking dumb questions, I know there are no such thing as dumb questions but its true haha but I have seen the progress through the Book of Mormon in their lives and feel super grateful that my family was born into this great work.

Cool little story, elder Allred and I confirmed Giovanni a member of the church yesterday so that was really cool, something must have got in my eyes because I started crying again........ But what is really cool is how he acts, he is a completely different person, one that really loves life so much and he even prepared a talk and gave a talk in front of a lot of people at our baptism! He really has become a life long friend and I will write him every Monday when he goes on his mission.... yayyyyyyy! He is planning on it! So we will se what happens, he is also inviting his mom and she likes it a bunch so we are hoping that he can baptize her someday! Her name is Gloria!

Random joke and story, we put clothes pins, those wooden ones all over our faces with Giovanni to see who can pinch more on and I got 17 and I think my companion won with like 23, it hurt a lot, the fleas are continually biting and with no prevail we are fighting the fight with all we have, my comp is worse off then me but we will see what happens latter.

I’m super nervous for changes, we have no idea what’s going to happen, I have been getting calls from the APs every couple of days! It’s crazy so we will see what happens, time goes by way to fast.

This week I learned a bunch from always trying to do your best, we are not perfect and trust me we make mistakes and its funny how we always seem to learn from the mistakes rather then learning with ease, but we will power through and always learn, we are now showering in cold water and we got a huge leak under our sink that we have to fix

Love you all a bunch!

Note from Logan's Mom:  I have been including pictures from Elder Allred's blog while Logan gets his camera figured out!

Completo run with Giovanni

18 clothes pins on Elder Allred.  He won

Baptism of Alexander and Danitza

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