Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd, 2015: The Week of a Lifetime

Wow what a week it has been, we went through a bunch of tough times and we walked a bunch and got sunburned.  It was seriously so hard this week and I was feeling a little sick towards the end of it, I think this problem with milk is getting worse, but oh well life goes on right! This week we did a bunch of cleaning in our apartment and we are so close to more baptisms, I can seriously feel the water! Also I am broke again, so we are walking to the city today, should be fun ha-ha and lets see I learned more patience, that’s for sure!

So it has come to me as a surprise that I have spent four months here in Valparaiso! Wow time goes by way to fast here and I feel like I am getting so old ha-ha my body is starting to fall apart on me and I keep telling myself that its not so bad, mom thanks for the vitamins they are helping out! I have been living my mission by the quote, "what seems like a sacrifice today will turn out to be the biggest blessing tomorrow" in order for us to be blessed in this life we must first pass through the hardships right? I love the fact that in order for us to receive the joy we need to learn why we want it, I have learned this so much on my mission and I seriously think it will change my life, I look forward to offering up my prayers to my savior and going to sleep knowing he has heard them.  I’m also very nervous and I am throwing my blankets around when I sleep so I wake up freezing! Ha-ha life is just great here in South America

Its getting really hot and at times I feel like I am getting sunburned but its not to bad hahaha.  We have seen rats run out of our complex, which to be honest I was not to surprised ha-ha.  But there it is we might have rats.  I  also have grown to love lunch meat and top ramen hahahahhahaha.

Well the important thing is that this week we will be having two baptism interviews with my next two converts! Their names are Danitza and Alexander. Both of them are brother and sister to a mom that was less active and is starting to come back to the church! They are so cool but they are proof of the failing schools in Chile! Sometimes we get a little bit frustrated but they are learning and coming along nicely! They will both be baptized on the eighth if all goes to plan, I need to call president and ask for special permission for Alexander, he did not go to church two Sundays ago because his mom would not let him.......his shoes where dirty! What! That crazy women would not let him go! hahaha so we will see! I love my mission so much and transfers are coming up super fast!, I think that I will stay here another change, I am comfortable and ready to roll another six weeks, I think that honestly I am one of those six month missionary’s!

thank you for all your prayers, I know this church is true, I love my life and I know I am only being able to do this work with the power of god, he is everything to me and I owe it all to him,

Love Elder Passey

P.S.  I made a list of the stuff I want to do together with my Dad when I get back:

The things I want to do with my dad

1. Ski in Colorado, and California

2. Go to a dodger’s baseball game!

3. Go to the horse races in California

4. Hiking in the mountains

5. Sushi

Bus ride mirror selfie

With Alexander

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