Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23rd, 2015

This week was absolutely nuts! Wow I can’t believe all that happened! First we seriously did some old school preaching, yes like we spoke at a funeral in front of tons of people! I felt like Alma and Amulek! It was awesome! We also taught the power of the atonement in almost every lesson, we found ourselves a family! The Olmos family is so awesome! We are working so hard together! Also we found new investigators to teach and have a bunch of crazy stories! I also have been a little sick and I also received a serious welfare package from my family! Yeeeeeesss! Lets begin!

So first off I had a great time in Vina as I traveled there to have a meeting with all the other district leaders in the mission! It was so awesome to see all my friends and my old companions, almost all of them are district leaders or zone leaders now, so I got to see elder Allred, Elder Ammirati and I heard of Elder Artiga, all of them are great and working so hard! Man I’m proud of those guys hahaha! We learned a bunch and I love the moments when we can feel the love of Christ testifying the things of which I know to be true in my heart every day, especially when we have been working through trials, what blessings! Seriously everything this week was a testimony builder, as a mission we have a lot to do to get better and be better, and it all starts with the us personally, faith has no limits, so we need to magnify our callings! I loved it! Elder Allred was pumped and Elder Ammiriati is training as well, for your info!

So the familia olmos, where do I begin........well lets see as we entered the second lesson we had plans to talk to everyone in the house, we where so stoked that she invited her husband. As soon as we walked in we could feel the spirit and it felt and looked like a Mormons house! hahaha it was awesome! The kids all want to be baptized but the husband is giving us a little bit of grief, he is all in but he wants a dream to testify of the book of Mormon first! So we are looking for his "dream" dream on! BABY DREAM ON! haha but they all went to stake conference and it was great! They will be a great family in the church.

This week we also got a call and it was from a random guy, who knows how he got our number and he asked us to speak at a funeral that was taking place and to hurry over to his house! So we went running over there and we found a house with cars lining the street and all these people, like forty people "Which is a ton for one lesson"   Anyway, so they are all sitting down around us in this house and they are sitting down in this by this body. We both stood up and taught about the plan of salvation, it was crazy! I felt the spirit so strong and after I was spiritually drained!  We have a ton of new investigators now!

I was a little sick, I finally called the nurse and I am on medicine! Wooooow! 

We are great! My district has all baptized this month! Happiness!

These are pictures of the February 2015 District Trainer Meeting from the Vina Del Mar Mission Blog.  http://misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com

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