Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd, 2015: An Amazing Week In Not So Chilly Chile!

Man can I tell you guys how much I love life? Doubt it, to truly describe ones emotions you must speak it, act it and show it, but for me I only get a letter so I hope you can feel the love I’m feeling for these people, this life and the work which I have been called to.  I love the mission and I love all the tears and heartache and prayers at three in the morning because I cant sleep thinking of all my "angels" that I am called to teach and how to resolve their problems! We did great this week, we taught a lot, helped the members in the ward, and the Olmos family is progressing a ton! Also as a missionary I feel like I am growing every single week!

Okay so a crazy story to start off ya? So we have been working our legs off climbing every hill and talking to everyone and we have been receiving the blessings. I feel like we are called to help some young men change their life around and to go out on missions! We are teaching Carlos and he is 17 and wants to follow Christ with all his heart, he has been struggling and he is now working a bunch to support his family! So sometimes it’s hard for him to come to church but he really is wanting to be baptized! I love the life of the missionary when you can see the light in ones eyes as the see the blessings with their spiritual eyes as well as there physical ones haha! What a blessing! But to start my story we were teaching the Olmos family and the spirit was so strong and Cesar was so close to accepting a baptism date and it was so crazy to feel the spirit so strong and then we hear yelling and banging on the door, as we run out we heard that Cesar’s dad just got robbed and assaulted! Whhhhaaaaat! Some guy just attacked him with a knife! This was a shock and destroyed the spirit but we felt so bad for the man as we quickly left for our house! We live in a super dangerous place so it freaked us out! But good news is that they are still praying and reading so I hope it will all work out in the end right! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I want to see them in white! 

The life here is great, the food is awesome and I don’t know how I could live without this heat and their food! I’m learning how to cook a bunch and will teach you all how! ITS THE BEST haha

But really I am so pumped to be a missionary, my companion is doing okay, another test of patience sometimes, for example I made my bed "miracle right" like I always do in the morning and then he ran in and jumped all over it and messed it up! Ugh! I now know how it feels to be a mom hahaha.  But I’m getting better and he has some problems with his knees, back and also his lungs, he chugs along but sometimes we need to stop and take a break, he also is super smart! I love him to death!

In my study of the scriptures I have been learning a bunch about the importance of sharing and just opening your mouth! We need to be brave, valiant and smart about how we teach!

I love my family so much and I want them to know that I do have a testimony that we will be together forever through the power of the Lord’s atonement! What miracles and blessings! I do have a testimony that the Lord our God is a God of mercy, he smiles when we do good and cry’s when we fall but he will always pull us back up, always, we just need to reach out and take his hand! We are on the winning team, we won, and we just need to endure until the very end! Love you all so much and have a wonderful week! 

Me and my Salsa dancing companion

Pancakes that I made for my companion for breakfast.
 I love singing and making pancakes, hahahahahah

Look at this bed mom! Holy cow its a miracle!

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