Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23rd, 2015: Baptism of Carlos!

First of all thank you for the prayers! I really felt them and I just want to let you all now that life here is pretty much back to normal, almost everyone has received a testimony of God here in this hill, sometimes I wonder how long God will keep shedding his mercy over us if we then keep falling away in darkness? But anyway my dear friend Carlos was baptized yesterday and he showed up looking like a serious stud in an all black suit with a gold tie, man it was great. Also I want to talk about Alexander and the blessing he is in my life! My companion is doing great! His health is okay but we are doing everything we can to help him; he has the faith so the lord will work wonders!

Bueno, this week was incredibly fast and out of control! We started it off by doing a bunch of service and just talking to the people and helping them feel what is right in the world and how we can learn from every lesson! We passed by Carlos and really he is such a stud! Its tough to know that he wants to enter into the army so I hope he does not leave to fast but I hope he can continue in the church and grow and feel the spirit, the thing with him is his dad is in prison, for being abusive right.... well his mom just went and let him out of jail! What the heck! But he will have to serve like 70 days in jail so I hope it will be okay when he gets out, I don’t know what has really happened with the mom and why she gave them the okay to let him out but it really took a toll on Carlos! But he kept reading and going strong so I’m proud of him! My companion baptized him and it was super great to watch a baptism and feel the same spirit, the water was freezing haha so I felt confortable watching and feeling the spirit but not cold! 

P.S.  The sister missionaries in our ward are ballers! They are baptizing like crazy as well and they baptized on the same day a guy named Oscar, He is really cool and after sacrament meeting Oscar went up and gave Carlos a hug and it turns out they where friends from high school! Wow! Now I see that God had a better, bigger plan for Carlos and Oscar when they could not go to church last Sunday, it was for the blessings of being baptized as friends, that was really cool.  Also I went and directed the music in front of everyone! Wow I was nervous but I managed to do well and I think it went well but then for the closing him I was prepping myself to go up and direct again and they asked someone else! Oh the shame! Hahahahahaha so it turns out that I did not do as great as I thought but what was important was that the spirit was there right?

I have a stud of a convert here in Chile, his name is alexander! Man he wants to go on a mission and everything! Also he is going to seminary! What a stud I remember when my mom and I skipped seminary hahaha oops, faulting testimony on seminary but hey he is learning. Then the best part is he is going out and teaching lessons with us, its so cool to see this stud of a young man that is the same age as Rachel willing to leave and teach the gospel! Man I love that kid.  I also promised him I would buy him two suits for his mission because his mom is not really supporting him to much, he is great and working hard to go to church and will receive the same sacerdocio(priesthood) that we all have! I was thinking about that and I am so proud of my brother Nate and how he is honestly representing the lord! Good job Nate! 

We have changes this Wednesday and I will see what happens, six months here has gone by so fast and I can’t believe it, it feels like three months real time! But we will see what happens if the Lord wants me here I will serve willingly seven and a half months here without a complaint! My companion thinks he is leaving, you can tell he does not like the hills haha So we will see, the whole ward says I’m going to the north, so who knows!

There has been bunch’s of blessings and trials this week, I felt a little sick but I’m sleeping better and we are working hard, to be honest the hard but best days are when the lord is walking side by side with us!

I know this church is true, I know it with al my heart; I also know that the promptings of the spirit will always be there but we need to learn how to feel them! 

With lots of love Elder Passey

Carlos and Oscar and the Sister Missionaries

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