Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th, 2015: Life in Coquimbo!

Well I am done with Valparaiso and I’m in new territory! We are know serving in the most beautiful part of my mission so far, I’m in a city called Coquimbo and it is a peninsula with red rock cliffs and with all types of ocean and boats and everything you can imagine, I’m really right in front of all these cliffs and we hear the ocean everyday and I can feel the breeze, such things are so nice in life! It is so beautiful, red rock cliffs with the waves breaking against them, it’s amazing and it’s all in my sector.   My sector is called Parte Alta, its known for being a little bit dangerous "like Valparaiso" but it’s really not!  Its not too hot but I’m almost the farthest north I can be in my mission, I’m about seven hours from presidents house, so the bus ride after transfers was wild and a little bit nuts but I’m okay. I arrived Thursday at one thirty in the morning. It’s so great to be here and the ward is incredible! The church is super small and its brand new in our part of Coquimbo! This place has tons of flavor and its full of culture! Look it up! It’s known for pirate’s hahaha so cool! But it feels like I’m seriously in a different country, I love the town and I love this climate, its so great and I love the feel of this place! 

And of course I have a new companion! His name is elder Lima! He is from Brazil! Yes, I am now attempting to learn Portuguese! But ya its so cool because we only speak Spanish, obviously but the first thing he said was that he loves American football! What? How sweet! He is 23 years old and practically married haha but one of the most humble missionary’s I have seen, we are going to work really well together and it will be an awesome transfer!

Stories of the week, we put a baptism date with a young lady and her family, her name is Carla, and she is so awesome! She came to church with us and I hope she can continue and power through! Her family is not progressing as fast as we are hoping but I believe that with the power of one, we can change many! Just look what Christ did; one man changed the world, so why cant one girl change her family? 

We have had so many spiritual contacts! We have some great members who are offering to help us and we are growing together! Also mom the people up here in the north are completely different! They offer everything to the missionary’s, we live behind this restaurant and every night we are eating food from this family! So don’t worry about me starving mom hahaha I will be fine.

Also Coquimbo is known for this giant cross made out of concrete that is massive! Well guess what? I live right under the cross! So if you are all trying to find me on Google earth then you got to find the cross and right below it are some houses, I live there haha! This cross has an elevator that can take you up to the vey top!

Cool thought, we were literally attacked by words yesterday by a man who belongs to another church, as we walked up the man began to tell us why we are wrong and how we worship Joseph Smith and how we will never be like Christ and how we don’t know anything and how we need to look and really study the scriptures.  At the first of my mission I was always filled with an anger and frustration in how they would not listen but continue to bash on us until they are red in the face then leave.  But this time I changed, all I could do was share my testimony, but the trust is that God knows who is right and who is wrong.  It was a big moment for me as a missionary.  We have already won the fight; the aftershock is what we face now! 

Sorry I don’t have much time to write, I’m a district leader and I love it! 

Love you so much Mom

Elder Passey 

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