Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th, 2015: I love and Follow the Lord

So how was general conference for ya? Man I loved it so much and I was starving with spiritual hunger! I feel that sometimes we are so blessed for all the little things we have done but yet we are always looking for bigger and bigger blessings! The thing that’s important is that we are actually receiving blessings! Wow how cool is that! the smallest blessing for us as faithful members of the church might be the biggest blessing for an investigator who is trying to find themselves and be baptized, THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS SMALL BLESSINGS AND BIG BLESSINGS......ITS THE WAY WE LOOK AT THEM. If we are always looking for the bigger blessing we will lose sight of all the precious blessings we receive throughout the day, a smile from a friend, a hug from a love one and answers through the spirit that god truly does live!  This week was incredible! My knowledge of the sector is getting better and we are working harder than ever before! 

So our sector obviously is a little bit sketchy in the night time but the people are really happy, it’s really a lot different than Valparaiso, there are hills but not too bad at all, the people are a poor working class and many are fishermen, so I love sharing all the stories from the bible when Jesus is talking and calling upon all to be fishers of men. It really helps them feel that the Lord is there to bless their lives, we are finding more and more people to teach! I am so happy for Karla and all she is doing to change her life, she feels very strongly about the church and I hope she will keep going strong, pray for her! She has a big problem with cigarettes and smokes like a chimney but she has been clean since Friday! This girl is only 15 and she has seen the very blackest of times, it goes to show that the scriptures are not lying when he said we must build our foundation upon the rock who is Christ!  The cool thing about her is her neighbors are listening as well! We are happy for them and they will be getting baptized soon as well! I sure hope that this next week I will be sending pics of us in white! yaaaaaaaa

My companion and I are getting along really well together and I am happy he is here, he is a future leader and I want to be like him! What more could I ask for hahaha but really we are coming together and I am enjoying my time here.  It is way cooler than Valpo but I have been getting pretty burned about it will all pass eventually.

One story that I loved was how Elder Lima and I taught with real intent, it was awesome to see the light in people’s eyes, the secret is to help them find the answers on their own, when they do this they’re really learning.  How can we spit and throw tons of scripture and arrogantly show our talents when it will not change the person, a smile, a testimony and stories really will change lives.  I love the people here and I love my sector. 

My sector really does have all the city with the hill.  It’s weird to see, but people do change the higher up you go. The higher up is the people who struggle more and live more in the street.  While the busy city below keeps the people flying by and the people on the hill are more happy to talk!

I want you all to know one of my favorite things to do is share a big grin and a goofy smile, it’s my way of shedding the light and love for the world, oh, and teaching of course! Love you all.
Stormy P Days means pancakes and hymns.  SWEET!

This is our house and balcony, its pretty sweet
but I feel like I will fall off at any moment
So in our sector we have the firefighters! "wish they would of been there in Valparaiso when we had the big fire.
 But this is their motto photo. Kind of scary right? hahahahaha I would not want that guy grabbing me!
 I will get myself to safety thank you very much!
A convert made this for me.

Study Sesh, long live the companion study time.

My gross bathroom, filled with water like a swimming pool.

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