Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th, 2015: The Holy Ghost

I love the feeling of the Holy Ghost, I rely on him in every moment in my life, were to go, what to say and obviously what to do in moments of stress and questions! I also love the feeling of the spirit and giving this mighty gift to everyone that is worthy to receive it! This week four people received the Holy Ghost and I was blessed and humbly gave this mighty friend to one soul who needs this companion! Also I felt super blessed to testify that my Savior lives and that Jesus is the Christ.  We had a bunch of moments in where I felt the Holy Ghost testifying through me as if I was an instrument.... I love this feeling and I love what President Monson always says, we need to defend the truth in every moment! What blessings we have! Its time to defend brothers and sisters!

So truly I was blessed this week to talk and to learn from one of my hero’s! We had interviews with president and I love hearing him pray with such emotion and love for this work and me.  I made goals to pray like that in every prayer! One of the comments I loved is he said that the Lord is pleased with what I was doing and he loves me. In that moment I really felt the love of the Lord, in a phrase so simple, but yet so powerful! What blessing we have to be apart of his church and do things that could make Him become happy! All I want to do in this life is make Him happy, I work for the glory of God and feeling that he is happy makes my soul shine and I really feel like beams are coming out of me! I also like to smile at everyone, I bet they think its crazy to see a white nerdy missionary smiling and waving but hey, I’m on the Lords errand and I cant do the lords work with a frown right! So smile it up! haha

I think I will be staying here another change based on the fact that my companion has been here for four months and a half but that is fine with me. I love this work and I have been fighting against time to try and make the most of every single day! Everyday I almost have a panic attack after lunch because it’s already two thirty and that means we only have seven hours left to visit and teach! Seven hours is way to short to do the work of the Lord, I feel like Peter and all the apostles who willingly served for years, two years is not long enough!

A miracle that happened this week was during a lunch a member brought her friend who was from a different faith.  During the lunch of course the topic turned to God and I felt that she was attacking the Lord, she was claiming that she did not believe because she did not see, and that there might not even be a God.  After hearing her speak and talk such harsh things I could not take it anymore. I felt the words flowing from my mouth as I testified of the truth, that my Savior lives that God does exist and he has a body of flesh and bones! And I know it! After it was silent and she asked if we could go by and visit her.  We agreed and we will see what happens, no one can try and tell me that God does not exist! He lives and I’m sure of it

Count our blessings where we live! With whom we live and our purpose for this life, its beautiful so why not smile?

I love you all so much! Elder Passey

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