Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015: The Greatest Week Of My Life!!!!

This has been the greatest week of my life! I can’t believe everything that has gone down and that we have seen so many miracles! Again I’m writing this just after sitting in the police department with my companion trying to become legal citizens! It worked! Hahahahaha Chile here I am to stay! But the most important part of my life and this week was I just witnessed with my own eyes three young daughters of God and one family come unto Christ! I have never baptized three people at one time so I felt super blessed to see all of them with their smiles, I love feeling the peace of saying those powerful words to baptize someone and feel that the power of God really is on the earth again! Wow how blessed are we! I also thank my Lord and Savior everyday for the chances I get to be a instrument for the work. I love testifying of the reason I’m here, to save families, to pray, fast and help these family’s not only become baptized but to sense the hunger to be sealed in the temple.  Its been about a year since I have seen or entered a temple and the fact is that sometimes we as human beings take things for granted when they are in our reach, but when the precious gift we had leaves us then we become even more human, we miss the thing we once took for granted. That’s why I love being a part of this work to teach the people about temples and baptism, I can see the soul yearning for help and the veil becomes thin as they see the truth! 

Karla and Catalina are great young women, we had a meeting with the bishop and we decided that Karla had to go to relief society.  It will be a little bit harder for her but I think that she can do it! A young girl who is 15 needs to be in young women’s but I know she can learn in the "more experienced" class hahaha.  But the baptism was so great! I was so proud that she could overcome everything to follow Christ! She had her interview and had to go to another store to apologize! She at first did not want to go because it made her so sad and shameful but she went and was able to be baptized! I have never seen a person go through what she has gone through.  At first we doubted if she would make it, I feel so sad that I doubted! How could I? The whole world has been against her how could I do that? I felt super humble and humbled myself in front of the Lord to never judge again, I know that I can grow even more! She was baptized by our mission leader and it was awesome to see them together and see the baptism. I then baptized Catalina and Elder Lima baptized Maria Belen! A white and sunny day at church, ahha I love life.

I have come to the conclusion that Catalina is the best young little girl that I know, besides Rachel Passey of course! She was so nervous for her interview that she read all the pamphlets again and then was praying.  The Elder who had the interview was my good friend from Heber Elder Lunksgog! It was so awesome to see him and talk to him, sadly I think I spelled his name wrong, if so I really am Chilean.  I love how we had this bond and Catalina was super awesome and passed flawlessly!

Maria Balen is a little ball of joy who really talks to our heavenly father when she prays! She prays for all the stray dogs and cats in the world and then prays for her family! She also passed easily and it felt great to receive the joy from her!

Funny story, I almost was baptized last Sunday as well! Karla was baptized first and then it was Catalina’s and my time to shine! As I was entering the font elder Lima said "careful its wet" I thought to myself, of course the water is wet! Duh why are you even saying such a thing and then I slipped and fell halfway into the font hahahahahahahahahahahaha WHAT HAVE I BECOME! I PROMISED MYSELF TO NEVER BECOME A GOOFY MISSIONARY BUT HERE I AM! hahaha it was super funny, I’m sore but I’m okay! I will make it hahaha. 

The good news is that Catalina’s dad and older brother have accepted the invitation to be baptized! The 3 of May! I’m so pumped and we will see what happens with these two fellas! They are awesome

I want you all to know how much I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ! I can feel him helping me, guiding me and telling me what I must do to be better! I want to be better every day and I can only do that with his help, it pains me to think of the people who live without this light! Love you all! 

Karla, Catalina and Maria Belen

My Sector, This is where I am living.  Beautiful red rocks and ocean!

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