Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13th, 2015: It's been an interesting week

Well this week was quite a bit interesting, we had a bunch of success but we did not baptize last Sunday, it was a major bummer but let me tell you why we are super happy! We will baptize three people next Sunday! Wow how blessed am I! I’m so happy that the Lord has given me this chance to really give my all and become the instrument that I am supposed to be! Yes it’s hard but it is so worth it, in Spanish the phrase is “la obra misional vale la pena”. And it seriously is so worth it! I feel like I really have become the missionary that I wanted to be at the beginning of my mission, but now that I am here I have realized that I need to be better than just a missionary, I need to live it and magnify my calling! I can’t wait and I have this hunger to be better and better and to really enjoy the work! 

KARLA, this girl is super cool, a little bit gangster but she is changing, and fast! She did not pass her interview, thus the reason we did not have her baptism yesterday, but what we really did like to hear was she really confessed everything. So what happened was she stole a bunch of stuff, the way to repent of these things is to give back the stuff or pay the cost, for a 15 year old girl with a baby the cost almost made me puke hearing about how much it was.  Funny story she stole from Wal-Mart, here in Chile Wal-Mart goes by "lider" she stole notebooks and pencils to study math................hahaha.  When I was in high school I just chose not to study! But in total the price was one hundred and forty dollars of stuff she stole, that’s a lot of math homework she has to do hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha but with her mom we are all going to lider to give back the money to finish the repentance process!  I know that God is happy with this family that a little girl can go to such great lengths to repent of the things she has done to have the sins be washed away by baptism! When she came out from the interview it broke my heart but I then remembered a story from my childhood that helped me learn not to steal, here it goes,

One day my family was in Wal-Mart "ironically its the same store hahahahahah" and I was super little and it was only my little brother and I and my mom and dad, after buying the stuff we got into the car and my brother Luke said "look what I have" and he pulled out a yellow round smiley face air freshener from Wal-Mart and I was shocked that my dad would buy such a thing and give it to Luke.  Turns out he stole it.  But what was the best thing that my dad could ever do was take Luke back and make him give it back and talk to the manager! When Luke came back into the car with tears streaming down his face I was honestly horrified, I decided to never steal again, let alone a air freshener hahahahahaha

Turns out Karla thought that was funny, lets just say the story saved us. We then bought her an ice-cream and talked about the Atonement of Jesus Cristo. It was a good experience; she will give the money back soon! Trust me I will take pictures

We are also going to baptize the family Castillo, they are so great and I know that they are chosen to be ready for the gospel right when Elder Lima and I became companions. It is so great to see this family come together around the gospel, there is nothing better then singing hymns with a family for family home evening and then watch the spirit work through us as the father was crying during the sacrament! Wow breathless, pure gifts from Christ.

As for Elder Lima and I, we are getting along great! I tried to make pancakes but they failed but we ate them with cheese and it was good! Also he is teaching me phrases in Portuguese and I hope I can learn the basics, ha-ha it is such a blessing to have him here, I’m learning the sector fast and I feel good about how we are getting along and becoming closer as a companionship!

Today we woke up at about 5 to go to a city and get into the PDI or really the FBI and change my direction on my license.  It was cool to see them in hummers and stuff, but we are dead tired! And no one sells breakfast here! What the heck! I’m convinced that I could make bank opening a Waffle House.

I met a guy who is a member of the church who is exactly like my cousin Jacob Thorn hill, I will send pics next Monday, he is teaching me to play the bongos hahahahs

Love you all so much, this is the best two years FOR my life, I can’t wait to be even better! Without tears we don’t know how to smile! 

Me at an Art Museum, missed you a bunch Mom.

Frying some fish, yummy!

Flea bites on the neck

This is what my sector looks like

Yummy intestines over rice

Family time, Family Home Evening

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