Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th, 2015: Transfers

Wow! I cannot tell you guys how sad I am that transfers came and they had to break up the best companionship on the face of the earth but everything has its season right? Well I have been given a special assignment and I am still in Valparaiso but with my new companion Elder Santa Ana! That’s right the translation is Sant-Ana  haha or holly Ana! But he is from Santiago Chile and he is so coooooooool! I got my call from the assistants the day of and they told me that I would be receiving a missionary from the mission of El Salvador. This means he switched missions! It was a little weird for him and he did not like the change but it was because of his health, so I am helping him make some adjustments and be a missionary here! I’m so grateful for my lord and savior Jesus Christ that he has put his trust in me to be a missionary and representative of him here on the earth! How great is my calling! Elder Santa Ana is seriously just like my trainer Elder Artiga, he likes to dance salsa, he loves to smile and he is super goofy and sometimes I just laugh at what he does, he is always saying happy things and he loves to talk, I think we will be great together and work hard!

Bad news was that Valentines Day has passed and here it’s way worse then the USA! Haha but there are a bunch of crazy people running around buying and doing ridiculous stuff to impress the "women of their dreams" yuck! hahaha I did not get anything, I must be turning into a valentines day hater haha but hey who knows but all I do know was that there was a lot of flowers and huge teddy bears all over the place! 

We are working hard and I am trying to better myself in every action, thought and word. It is really hard sometimes to always be in the right state of mind but we always stay focused and we will end up doing what’s right! As for baptisms the life and salvation is coming through hard! I'm so stoked for the work and I really feel like these past few months has flown right past my eyes, working hard and working rightly before god will make this life the most sweet and flavorful life that we can live, oh how fast does time go by! I’m so happy to be here as a missionary and to be working as hard as possible and to feel the love of my savior, how can I improve? Work harder haha and the lord will continue to bless us!

Funny stories of the week my companion is hilarious, so we have fleas, go figure but he is dying and he is from Chile! Every morning I make my bed but his he sleeps on just the mattress and I feel like he is dying hahaha I will send a picture of his bed, he likes to sleep in a rat nest! 

Cool thing is that my zone leader from when I started my mission is my zone leader again and I love how we are together and I learn so much from him! Really how blessed are we! I also ate some fried fish yesterday, which my companion promised would be good and I thought my insides had a revolution and where going to kill me! Ugh! What the heck Chile! cook fish like my mom!

We also found a family that I swear I have known before this life; its so crazy just thinking about how they look familiar sound familiar and they are so cool! They are the Olmos family and they will be baptized in March! They are so awesome! What champs! The family consists of their mom two kids and there aunt! Hard working women that love the Lord! The cool thing is we were walking by and asked if she knew a person we were looking for, I gave her a smile and she smiled back and then we ended up be invited into her house super easily, we just walked in and sat down like we have been doing it for years! It was so cool; she readily has been prepared for he gospel!

I love the mission and I love you so much mom and fam! Keep going strong and I love you so much dad!

Elder Allred and I! Man this kid will be a friend for life!
 He taught me how to love Dr Pepper

This will go down as the greatest picture of all time!

Man, there are University of Utah fans everywhere!  I got a huge laugh out of this
 and half ran into another church to get a picture of this.

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