Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

Week One!

Well this week has been so crazy! I can seriously say that I have never felt the spirit so much in my life! Well where to start um I made it through the airport and I love this country. I have been made a district leader! That's right haha my parents must of done something right because I guess I'm supposed to be this leader of crazy district.  I have been faced with many challenges as well.  I have been really blessed and my companion is amazing! I love him so much! his name is Elder Call and he reminds me of Santa without a beard....just wait for the picture and you will see why. He is truly a spiritual giant! we gave a Book of Mormon to a lady at the Atlanta airport and I really believe that I can do this! The first day was really hard and my Spanish was terrible. I should of studied more. But I pray as much as i can and fast for opportunities to better increase my Spanish. on the first day I made some good friends from Columbia. They cant speak any English so it was way hard to talk to them at first but I finally got to be able to have full conversations with them.  On the first night I was feeling really down and I struggled with the thought of learning this language. Then Elder Payares bore his testimony to me and I have never felt so good. i understood every single word he said and it brought me to tears. I then bore mine to him about the importance of families and we started crying and he told me my Spanish is really good!  I have come to realize that my Spanish is really good because the Lord wants it to be.  I seriously can pray and teach lessons in spanish! thank you all for the prayers!  Another cool experience I had was i got the opportunity to go through the temple in Spanish. The Santiago temple is so pretty! It is so simple yet I have never seen a temple so white.
       As district leader I have accomplished so much! In my district we have this Elder who has been sick his name is Elder Klenotich....ya way hard to pronounce and the Spanish elders always get a really good kick out of that.   I felt inspired to ask if he needed a blessing and he said it was an answer to his prayers. He asked Elder Dunn to give it to him.  It was so spiritual and the best part is he is getting way better! The other thing I had to do was to make sure the sister missionaries stop fighting all the time.  Seriously all they do is fight and it really makes my life miserable.  I can honestly tell you that I worry all the time! Elder Call says I am going to come home with gray hair or no hair at all and i hope that's not true but I really do care for all the elders and sisters in my district.  I have eight total and they bless my life every day.  We ended up sitting in front of the fountain by the temple and had this cry sesh for the sisters and I told them that hermana means sister and sisters fight alot....but they love even more.  Then they cried and hugged after awhile.  Gee whiz I can get used to helping others! 
Well this has been a crazy week and I am going to get my haircut soon! They say they have two pictures, one of George Clooney and one of Christiano Renaldo and I pick haha.   I hope they do a good job.  I think I'm going for the Clooney look.  I also forgot to pack shoe polish and i really need that so its off to the distribution center.
    Mom I love you so much and I hope you are doing okay. Nate this is for you.....go get her a double double right now and tell her ten things you love about her. she will go nuts.  Anyway I am sorry I cant explain all my experiences in detail because of time but I really hope you like them.  Dad remember this is my day and my time to shine and I cant wait to go serve the Lord.  Some days I wish I could be serving a state side mission but I really think and feel that this is the place for me.  I love you all so much and I know that I can never thank you enough for teaching me the gospel and keeping me on the straight and narrow.  One day I'm in Midway Utah and the next I am with my companion in the park in Santiago Chile playing soccer with all my Latino Elders.  Man how can life get any better! I promise you that you will feel the spirit if you get on your knees and pray with a real intent.  My favorite scripture that I read is in second Nephi chapter thirty one! read it and you will understand why I am out her on my mission. I love you all and i hope you have a great week. I always need the prayers and I pray for you every night.  Mom, please help send this to everyone. because of time I can not send my emails to everyone.  Yo soy un missionary! I am a missionary

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