Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

Man i miss you guys so much and I am trying to figure out the whole picture thing.  That is so nuts about mom! hahaha. I knew she would not do well in the whole surgery thing.   Sorry about if I spell stuff wrong but I'm so stretched for time.  This week has been super productive and I heard from Elder Holland as well!  The plan for this p day is to go to the mail room and I have a letter for you guys but it might take a couple weeks.   But no matter I have seen my life grow in huge amounts since I have been here. I really don't mind waking up early and i can have serious conversations with the latin american elders.  I feel super sad however because they left this morning and I seriously think that we were friends in heaven.   This week has been super productive and yet I feel like it has flown by so fast. I don't know what happened to the time.  I have focused with my companion this week on charity and the love of Christ and following in his footsteps but it is really hard.  My companion seriously loves to tell me what I do wrong every time i do it and it seriously makes me want to kill him. but them there are times when we have these beautiful lessons that end up in commitments to be baptized! wow.  This P day our goal is to give out a book of mormon.   Chile does this weird thing with their Spanish. they drop the s in the words for example bueanas dias would be buena dis haha. My spanish is increasing and my teachers say I'm picking it up faster.  As a district leader I think I am doing pretty well, no one has tried to kill each other yet and everyone likes each other.  The president said we are some of the most close knit district he has seen.  That is way cool for me because i feel like I'm doing stuff right.  

Sorry this letter is so short. Luke, dude whats going on with prom man?  Nate you know the drill, a double double and ten things you love about mom, then you can play mine craft.  Rachel, your the new mini mom so I expect you to be the example and Dad, oh how I wish I could be in your shoes, you have done everything right, thanks for your example.

I know this church is true with all my heart.  I feel it every day when I get down on my knees and pray to God. If you have questions make sure you pray. I might need some more money in my account because one of my friends Elder Gamboa was using a cheap nasty old pair of scriptures that had whole pages missimg so I gave my new Spanish ones to him.  We ended up crying for an hour and hugging, it was so special.  So hows Midway? you still skiing hard? Every day I wish I could be your skiing companion.

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