Friday, April 4, 2014

April 2, 2014

Part one:

hey guys!  Well here I am just learning a different language and putting my time in.  Its so hard to tell you guys everything but Im trying my best.  This week was very productive.  I learned alot about being humble. but it was a good thing.  I'm trying my very best with my companion because we have had a couple of arguments already but we always seem to put aside our differences to teach the investigators.  Here is how my  P day works.  I get on on either Tuesday or Wednesday and its always in the morning.  The problem however is that I have to write before my crazy adventures we have every P day.  Last P day I gave a Book of Mormon away by myself!  An older gentlemen kept making eye contact with me and I was feeling the spirit really strong and I started talking to him and it was such a spiritual experience.  My spanish is improving but the Chileans just talk so fast that its hard to understand sometimes.  Anyway we are getting way more time to go out and try to teach people around the temple.  True they are all members....well most of them but its still way fun and in all honesty I talk so much more when I am outside of the prison of the classroom.  One night we where assigned to teach about tithing and fast offerings.  That is way hard to talk about given the fact that the people of Chile are struggling with that right know and thats why another temple down here can not be built because the people are not paying there tithing.  It was fun but my comp was way nervous and did not want to talk at all to the people.   But no need to fear Super Schomge is here!  I just said follow me and we started talking to other people and it turned out to be a good experience.  I am trying to focus as much as I can on being humble and praying as much as I can.

I had to talk to the teacher about my district becasue we are having a way hard time focussing in class but our spanish is doing better then some of the guys who are leaving this week so I guess they are starting to feel really justified and stuff.   I am running out of time but I am logging on again to send another part to this email.  I need to talk to you guys about this crazy Russian.....ya i said it.  A crazy Russian who told us that the protesant church was going to blow up the world...only in Chile.

Part 2:  

First off, Rachel the people down here are not fat haha and Nate I'm so stoked about your marbles!  You guys are so awesome. I hope you guys are getting along.  Rachel you can use my longboard but remember not to ride it in the rain and on loose rocks because the wheels are that gum material.  Luke watch out for those salem hills girls man. I  miss you guys so much and i really miss waking up and chilling.  I am not a planner and this part of my mission is hard.  ... oh Luke by the way your score was an April fools joke.  Mom told me you got a 18........ I know this church is true.  Pray and read the scriptures as much as possible.  Right now my favorite scripture hero is Abanaddi. he is such a stud!  Go look him up.  I want to have his boldness and faith mixed with the power of using the Holy Ghost to have people here my words like King Benjamin, he is a power house.  I want to here about everything. Nate, be careful about losing your marbles and get good.  I love you all and all of you go get a coke and tell mom you love her.

Part 3:  Ten things I love about you Mom:

Number one:  I love how you look goofy in all the pics you send. It makes me miss you so bad
Number two:  You care so much about me it makes me cry.
Number three:   Even if i'm half way around the world you teach me lessons everyday.
Number four:   I dig the nice brace
Number five:   You are an example to all those young women.   We need more of you in the church.
Number six.:   You are working hard to get better.
Number seven:   You are such a gift to the family and I look up to you like an angel
Number eight:   You cruise in a gas guzzler
Number nine:  You let me have coon hounds
Number ten:   You love me and I love you for it.  There was so many times that you could of gave up on me but you always seem to pull love out of nowhere.  I hope you post this on the blog because I want you to know how much I love you and I want the world to know that I have the best mom in the whole world. I miss those times we just went off and did our own things together!  I love you so much and I want you yo know you are one of the biggest influences in my life.  I want everyone to have a mom like you.  I have to go and i hope you get whatever your looking for.  Trust in the lord.

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