Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16th, 2014

This is my last week in! then I break out of my little oasis and into this crazy world!  So many things have happened this week and I cant believe they want me to go out and serve.  I seriously hope i am ready.  I love you guys so much and I can tell that you are praying for me.  I feel it in my heart and right before lessons and especially when i'm walking around on this bum leg of mine. I still feel like I am new and have no idea whats going on but I press forward in faith and I know that there are people out there who need this gospel and I am ready to share.

This week has been nuts!   I seriously think that i made yet another life long friend. his name is Elder Lavin and he is brand new latino in the last group and my roommate.   He is seriously exaxtly like me and we have some serious fun!  He loves playing the rubix cube and his favorite tv show is Kick Butowski! haha but thats no all!  He says he plays Mario cart and Super Smash bros all the time and his favortie person to play with is Peach.......ya all of this was found out through a dictionary as well as lots of practice and laughter. he is so funny becasue we are so alike.  Before his mission he had so gnarly dreads that looked so sweet!   But more importantly his testimony is so strong and he is full of the gospel, we chill all the time and he uses phrases in english now as well.   His favorite that I told him is like a boss and atta boy.   Every goal he scores in football he says its for me so ya I got a crazy cool latino that seriously can own a rubix cube in like five minutes.  We also do some of these crazy workouts and I have never been more sore in my life.  I did beat him in a race of push ups so i feel pretty acomplished.  We like to sing Bob Marley before bed and I don't know if it is against the rules but I seriously have a ton of fun that really helps fight the stress..... anyway im glad I am friends with guys.

So guess what! i might be doing tons of time in acts of service when I get down to the mission becasue there is a huge fire going on right now and from what I heard it is still raging.  I heard that it is a city fire that has already burned up about a thousand homes and i think 18 people have died two of whom were members.   It is so hard to see people so humble go through such trials but I know that they can overcome it becasue of the hard type of people they are.   In my mission it has been made a new rule that no coke is alowed.  Huh that figures huh right when I get to start liking and wanting some coke they ban it becasue of to much caffeine..... bummer guess i'm stuck to dishwater but what does not kill you makes you stronger right.  I love this place and I cant wait to get out in the real world and go and preach the gospel I have sent some letters and to all of those who have not gotton them yet i'm so sorry and im seriously hoping they will get there soon.
The craziest part of my week has been when I was in the temple I was praying before going into my session and thinking about you guys all the time and then I get a tap on my shoulder and I seriously look up and it was a blast from the past.  It was Sister and Brother Cottle!  In the temple in Chile!  I was so shocked I for sure thought I was dreaming.  I wanted to give Sister Cottle a hug so bad because she is a mother figure to me and all I had to do was shake her hand and tell her how much I love my family.  I was seriously what I needed and I hope that she is okay on her plane ride back.   She was picking up her daughter serving in Santiago.  I seriously am living the dream in Chile and that blast form the past is so crazy and it makes me think of such a small world we live in. I cant wait for my family to come down here so they could see the most beautiful temple on earth!  I love you guys and i'm so grateful for the Lord to bless me with the gift of happiness.

The stories keep rolling in for you guys I guess.   Well hear me out on this but I got my first kiss in Chile...... ya nuts huh.  But don't worry mom it was not on the lips it was on the cheek and i seriously had no idea what to do and my comp was freaking out!  We where out proselyting on the street and all of the sudden we got stopped by these two college girls who seemed to have questions so we thought nothing of it and we taught them about our church and gave them a Book of Mormon.  We started to say goodbye because they had class soon and thats when the terrible awful happened.   So the custom is for the people to give a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye but obviously missionaries can't do that so we shook there hands and all of a sudden they planted a kiss right on my comp... I was like...what happened?  haha then they came for me.  It was so weird and I felt like a was a twelve year old boy agin. haha but know I can say that i'm still in the game even though i'm on a mission.  But seriously I have had to repent for this crazy girls mistake haha and i think its funny now but before I thought I had committed the worst sin ever

I love you guys so much and I want you to know how much of an influence you have been in my life. Luke I  seriously look up to you and i think that you would like this scripture that I have been reading, its my new fav.  Its Joshua 1 and the verse is 9. read it and email me what you think.  Life can change so much in a month.  Tell the ward I love them and they have changed my life especially Doug Osmond.

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