Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 8, 2014

Well guys after testing my skills against the Latinos in soccer I clearly lost.  As most of you probably know because of my mom I am in a boot,  well for at least two weeks so my mtc soccer days are clearly over.   This week has been so crazy and a roller coaster of emotion.  I hope all of you watched general conference!

First off this girl is the reason I hurt my leg.   Girls really are nothing but trouble and just to let you know I was not trying to show off.   This girl just ran straight at me and I tried to cut with the ball on my bad leg.   My leg landed on the ball and I felt it just bend in an awkaward way.  But the way I look at it it saved my life because this girl seriously would have killed me.  I hope you guys understand that. After walking all the way back to the mtc. the president decided to play dad which I love him so much for because I needed it.   He paid for a taxi and we went to the hospital for x rays.  Wow I hate hospitals way down in the South America.   This lady just kept switching out the robes and there where blood stains and hair all over the robe.  If i ever have to go back just remember it is probably not the leg that is a issue but becasue I caught some disease. After that we went back and the doctor that is working here for his mission told me all this bad news like I could not serve a real mission and I might need to go home to the states.  I was in tears and they called and informed my dad.  This was way harsh because I could not really talk to him and tell him how much of an influence he has had on my life.  I love him.   He kind of tore me a new one and got mad but he loves me all the same.   Seriously I love you too mom but you have this tendency to never answer the phone so I had to make my one call count.

This week has been so crazy!   In my practice investegator lessons we got three baptism dates which for all you reading this probably dont care but it is really hard and my spanish is getting better.   Oh!  last P day I gave a Book of Mormon away to a real investegator!  I was just minding my buisness getting my shoes shined when this thought came to me "Why don't me and my comp ask this dude if he believes in Christ...."  so as i'm sitting I give my comp the nod and I decided to pay him two hundred pesos to see what he would do, he counted the money and started to hand me the money back and I asked if he believed in Christ?   He said yes and I told him we did too and our church follows the examples of Christ such as charity and kindness and I put the money back in his hands and then my comp jumped in and gave him a Book of Mormon and got his contact info!  BOO YAH! to all my beehives out there i did this huge jump for joy and shouted hoooollla!   The work is so hard but I really love it so much.

I have had the same roommates for my whole time down here in the mtc and today was the day they left for the field.  It was so sad and I tried to get as many pictures as I could.   My room feels so empty and i feel like i'm always missing something.   I'm also starting to get cold.   Its a windy cold and I resent it.   To my fam I love you guys and are super jealous you have the spring to look forward to.

My bishop.... guys my bishop from home is the bomb and I hope he reads this because he has saved my life. I needed some of his letters and I read them over and over again and consider them doctrine.   He blessed my life so much and he was more my friend than bishop.  I will follow that great man into whatever is needed of me.  To all those who read this in the ward I hope you guys respect and follow his example.  Until recently I have noticed that there is this huge glow all around him and if I get the opportunity to be a small percentage of how strong he is in the gospel I  will freak out and be happy the rest of my life.  I pray for him every night.

How was conference?   I can answer that it was the bomb!!!!  I can honestly say that this was the first one i got to watch the whole way through and it was crazy to see how spiritual it was.   Luke..... read the talk about the Olympics,  Dad and Nate read the talk by Boyd K Packer.  Mom and Rachel and all those other girls out there who are my heroes as beehives, read the priestood talk by Dallin H Oaks.   It was so great to hear from the prophet and I cant wait to share the words of God.   I am gaining a huge testimony here and I love it.   So many blessings in such a short time

To my grandparents and cousins, you guys need to be examples of Christ.  You are already doing a great job of that becasude you have blessed my life.  Until next time guys! oh p.s. avocados are seriously growing on me and I always want a cold coke

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