Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12th, 2014

Wow today I have a ton of emotions running through my head about my family but especially about missionaries.  Thank you all for all your prayers and advice because I really take them to heart.  Bueno, are you ready to hear my past week?  Tons of stories and experiences, lets begin.

The first story starts on Monday, I experienced the hardest day of my life both physically and emotionally.  To start the day we got ready and I was feeling really sick "turns out i have a cold".  But who cares right?  I'm in South America and stuff like this can kill a person down here. haha just kidding  But I'm not going back to that hospital We went and bought all this medicine that my comp said should help but really we have no idea if its working or not because some days it helps and others I swear it makes things so much worse.  Besides taking weird pills that look like skittles and tastes like skittles I got Dear Johned.   Ya...not even two months in.  I seriously owe some serious money to some people. But that was rough because my comp said "Brooke" for the next week and it was so dumb but by the end of the week whenever I was feeling down or just quiet right before bed he says "Brooooooke" and then we both start laughing so hard and I feel like I'm about to cry from laughter.  So its not to bad and in fact it has helped me on my mission. So ha! Take that girls!

Anyway just to let you guys know my comp uses a straight iron for his hair!  And the best part is that he was trying to keep it a secret forever and I found the actual iron when I was cleaning but the words where in Spanish and I had no idea what it was obviously because I am a guy and have seen an iron maybe once in my life.  I thought it was some kind of iron for clothes or something or maybe a paper unwrinkler or something because my comp is a neat freak.  One day I caught him using it and I laughed and laughed because it all made sense!  I was wondering how my comp gets his hair so perfect. haha.  What a experience he told me to give him some privacy because he did not want to burn himself, so whoever uses an iron out there I have one in my apartment and it is pretty cool.

I have told you guys about how I have been talking in my sleep in Spanish and about my dreams in Spanish where I don't understand half of it right?  My comp is the same way and some weird stuff has been happening and I swear that we are doing some night walking.  One day the phone was in my bed and normally its on the charger in the other room.  That was weird because we have no idea how it got there and the other day when my comp went in to take a shower a pair of my socks and his were in the shower wet..........twilight zone hahaha so I'm starting to get freaked out when I wake up with extra blankets and such but I will keep you guys posted on my "night life"

This week was really challenging for me.  My Spanish is getting better but the lessons were scarce and I felt like a hungry dog without a bone.  I can honestly say that Monday night we had zero people talk us and we had everything you could imagine slammed in our face:   doors, windows, car doors, everything!  But we kept teaching and things are looking up I promise.  We are working hard with Catalina but she did not come to church because it was Mothers day so therefore it got moved back farther to the First of June for her baptismal date. It was so sad to hear her cancel and I was bummed so I tried to kick something but it hurt my leg and a dog freaked out so we went running for our lives.  We have been teaching a lady named Patricia who is searching for baptism and I'm so hopping she feels the spirit.  She has these two little girls though that wont stop speaking in Spanish and i swear if you think little kids who are annoying wait till you hear them inn Spanish!  But thy are learning a ton and they are ultimately a good influence on their mother.  They think its funny how I have green eyes and I guess part of my eyes are gold or yellow because they ask if I was a vampire before my mission......and its because I'm super white.  They laugh so hard when I walk in and scream "GHOST!!!"  Who would of thought that two seven and five year old girls can trash my self esteem that fast.  It's chill and I love them.  I found out why I am here on a mission and its because I love to hear a persons first prayer.  Not a pray that's memorized but a prayer that is them sincerely trying to talk to God and I know that God hears and answers their prayers everyday.  God loves his children and he will do everything to get them back. 

I tried telling my first joke again at lunch.  Here it goes.  An owl lived in Chile super long ago an he was the only living thing in Chile, he loved to talk but knew only one word, quien, hahahahahahaha for those who know spanish quien is "who" well turns out I forgot the most important thing about jokes.  People need to understand them. Oh well my comp thought it was really funny and asks me to tell every family.

One more thing.  It was my comps anniversary when he as baptised on the sixth of May and I bought him this cake and juice and we stuck matches in it and I sang Happy Birthday to him and man I'm telling you I can belt like Johnny Cash!  It was way great and in my mind I guess I sound good but really its like a cat got shot or my coonhounds.  I love you all so much and thank you for your love.  To answer some questions, people have all sorts of jobs but I know a lot of sailors and construction workers who work really hard then drink in the night.  The women work as well but mostly for cleaning places.

This is a picture of me with my companion and mission president:

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