Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014

Hola! I guess this week has been great and the missionary work is coming along.  This week I learned a bunch of Spanish and I feel it coming together but to be honest I still feel lost sometimes but I cant help but smile when I have no clue whats going on. I have no idea why but to me its funny because I think of how I'm living in some country and all the people just think that because I live here I should already know the language! 

This week was really hard with the new investigators and we did so much work with the less active members and taught some crazy spiritual lessons.  The hills kick my butt and I always laugh when I reach the top and think of my mom when she is on the stair machine in my house and she says "gotta find the best deals at Target!"  That's her inspiration and it works for her, and mom believe me my inspiration is " I know a new investigator lives on the top of this hill or street!" and guess what? it works.  I love this work and believe me I will send pictures i promise.

Because this week has been really tough it has also been a time of soul searching and pushing through the darkness to find the light. I read a lot of scriptures and talked to a lot of people.  It has not been a super terrible week but I'm used to all the success we have been having especially with finding new members.  But we press on and we did a ton of work with the less active members and it felt good to see some of them visit church!  One story I have was a less active lady who has this dog "of course right" and seriously she says its dances for money. hahahahahaah  We asked how and I was thinking that this lady has seriously lost her mind because she has tons of those Asian cat things that wave its paw back and forth and their eyes move.....kinda creepy right.  We asked how and she said all you do is clap and sure enough my companion starts clapping and the dog stands up on two legs and starts jumping around.  So maybe there is hope for dogs in this world and I laughed so hard and it was a moment where I realized how much I love life.  She also had this one with little rasta dreads that looks like a mop that jumped on my lap and I seriously felt fleas jumping on me.  Not really, that was a exaggeration, but I flipped and stood up way fast.  Along the lines of fleas I am clean!  Washing your clothes in raid and persevering to the end works!  Oh and faith as well.  All my bites are going away or scarring up and I feel so blessed when I can sleep in peace.  Thank you for all your prayers and all your love.  It really has helped me and I feel your love.

We had a zone conference this week and I felt the spirit really strong and I heard a ton of stuff through the peoples testimonies and I want to share it with you.  One elder has been out a long time and has one or two transfers left and got up and gave a humble testimony of "where is your heart"   He said that you need to have your heart in the work and you have to give your heart to the person in order to feel their needs and for them to feel your love.  This was an answer to my prayers because I sometimes have problems staying concentrated especially when I have no idea whats going on and I start to think about skiing and powder days and then I get even more confused.  It only happens every once in awhile but it concerns me and I feel super bad about it and get mad at myself for not trying hard enough.  So I need to give my heart.  When I fade away I have my heart on something else and not the investigator and their needs.  It really helped me a ton and I have been doing so much better and I have to say that it has blessed my life already.  Its true I miss my friends and I miss my family and all the fun things I did before the mission but that stuff is not important because my spiritual brothers and sisters are struggling and I need to do everything in my power to help them.  I love this work. 

So this week was really hard right?  And I know it gets really hard when my comp goes silent and he gets down and so I decided to take matters into my own hands.  True kids, don't try this at home but my friends used to do this thing that when bad things happen we would right them on a piece of paper and burn it and then its in the past forever.  Trust me I have burnt a ton of math tests before my parents have seen them and so forth haha  So we had this huge piece of paper and seriously wrote tons of stuff on it and burned it down.  I have pictures.  I love you all and thank you for your influences in my life

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