Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th, 2015: A Week Of Teaching Families!

This week was so full of miracles! First I would like to talk a little bit more about my comp, he is the best! His name is Elder Swindler, he is from Utah and loves about everything I love, he loves super smash bros and he plays with my favorite character! Guess who? PRINCESS PEACH! Its the bomb hahaha but the cool thing is that we have really served together for our whole missions.  He is really obedient and serious which is good and it has helped me become more professional but not losing my smile! The weird thing is that we are old, well in misión time anyway.  I will end my misión first and he will end in one month after I go home! So its like we are the old dogs of the zone.  But we are working really hard and we are helping each other stay focused and hard workers! We are teaching a couple of families that can progress until baptism! We currently have 5 baptism dates and they are from 2 different families! So we are really busy and with faith we will see some more baptisms at the end of the month! Vamos Valpo! Also we almost got attacked again by the dog who bit my comp, so we are thinking of trying to become friends with it or we will buy some sleeping medicine and put it in hotdogs and feed it to him, throw him in a bag and haul him off to another part of the city hahahaha His owners just dumped him off and he is roaming the streets which has made him as fierce as ever! Game on!

Teaching families is the best! We are teaching the H. family, the moms name is Karen, she is really so loving and she has a voice that’s a little bit deeper and she talks like someone who really loves her kids.  She has two young boys, one is 11 and his name is Bastian, he has a Little afro and when he cut his head everyone called him 8 ball, we felt bad and got him some Candy! Lets just say we are really tight now.  The younger kids name is Juan Manuel, he is 8.  He is also crippled, his legs are really bent out of place making it hard for him to walk. I teared up seeing him walk into church, he said sorry because they were late, we assumed it was because of his walking problems and before we could even ask he said, "ya we are late because my mom would not hurry or walk fast enough!" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha We just laughed our heads off and he went down and became the king of primary. I feel so blessed to be teaching them.  They also had a brother that died when he was 2 months old, the plan of salvation has never touched me so strong, after they learned where Miguel Angel was and how they could make it back to him they jumped and put their baptism dates for the 29 of November! We are so very happy for them!

We are also teaching the familia S., they are so funny and the mom is less active but she is coming back into the church.  Her husband was a Jehovah witness but he has seen the book of Mormon and has read it! They have a son named Jorge and they have baptism dates for the 29 of Nov.! It was seriously the best lesson putting a baptism date with this family, they are crazy! Really though they have this little girl who does not want to speak Spanish so she speaks pure gibberish.  But its crazy, she is a doll, anyway they are progressing a bunch and I love to see how the Book of Mormon touches lives, it's amazing!

So funny story of the week, everyone in the hospital knows our names, because we have made so many visits hahaha, next Monday will be our last day and we are going to take a bunch of pictures with all the nurses! They said it was going to be really sad to see us leave but trust me I do not want to go back!

The allergies are getting better and my legs are hurting from all the hills but I do love this life!

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