Monday, November 9, 2015

November 2nd, 2015: Baptism

Wow we are so blessed in this life, I just want to let you guys know how much I love my Lord and God, he is my Savior and I love him! He has done so much for me and I pray that my actions will always be actions of thankfulness.  Also we should also work to find and bring the glory of God to his sons and daughters that are a little bit lost from the path! This week was amazing and we had a great baptism this Saturday! He was then confirmed this Sunday! He is a great kid, his name is Mauricio R., he is a marine and he is 19 years old.  I love connecting and helping young men my age enter into the gospel! It makes the teaching even more one on one as you look into the eyes of a young man who has basically the same age but has passed through so much more hardship that I could ever imagine! It makes me feel so grateful to know how the Lord gave me this gospel since birth! I have been prepared since birth to teach the gospel! ITS MY TIME TO SHINE. SO MANY PEOPLE NEED ME, I CANNOT GIVE UP! so many people are out there that need an Elder Passey, but the funny thing is that they don’t need me, they need me to teach them the gospel! That’s really all that I can do.  I’m an instrument.  Its great to think that it depends on us however to see our own success and goals throughout the mission!

So Mauricio is a pure stud muffin! Of course the font did not work so we filled it up with a fire hose! hahahaha It took about three of us to keep the hose under control! but it filled up with nice icy water. It’s a missionary’s dream here to baptize in warm water, and to be honest it never works hahaha so we just get brought back down to reality as we realize that this world is amazing! After all, icy water is water, and I would totally go down into icy water every day to baptize! The thing is that Mauricio goes to the south of Chile to do some marine training! He is gone for two weeks and then comes back for church! how dedicated is that! I have come to love the Chilean people or their diligence to do stuff! They do have this attitude where they will never give up! I have so many faces kept in my mind from all the older people who literally walk to church up and down hills! whoa! stellar!


So I have been suffering from allergies, its been tough and I have felt really weak from it. I just begin to sneeze and then my nose starts to run and then it always happens in the night so at least I’m not in public as I start to go crazy.  But to be honest with all my hospital visits I have had recently with dog bites and stuff I do not want to ever go and start taking medicine, I’m not a fan of Chilean medicine, maybe its the same maybe not! I heard that missionary’s have taken some stuff here and then it makes it better for a while then they get even more sick and their bodies get this allergy for the rest of there lives, so I give that a no go! I will push through this no mas and I will make it through, we are almost out of spring so it will get better!

I love you all so much!

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