Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015: My Legs are So Tired!

Well changes happened! And yes here I am in Valpo! But this time I’m way on the other side of Valpo! I’m on the western parts of Valpo and I love it, the hills are way steeper then I remember and my legs are pretty shot! But hey I have the best companion in the world! His name is Elder Swindler! We have almost been robbed already and I have been spit on twice, and to be honest I LOVE EVER DAY OF MY MISSION and I know that I say this all the time but I have to admit that the mission is really the best place to be.  Even though we pass through so many trials and hard times we will always have our burdens made light if we use our faith and keep getting up! We fall all the time but I hate it when people say they can’t get up! We always can come back spiritually, we will always get up, we have a Savior, he will lift us up, but we need to put in our effort!

So yes my legs hurt, I feel like I just got done doing exercises on moms stair machine hahaha.  But hey the streets are so incredibly steep that if you slip and fall you will roll and be lost forever! Well maybe not to dramatic but you will fall hahaha.  Of course this week my companion showed me around and I’m stressing to get the sector down.  We have five mountains that have names with little streets running all around them and then we have more hills that don’t have established names on them so it gets kind of hard sometimes! But we are going up and down as fast as we can! As I am walking up this huge hill and I can see my sweat falling, I like to think of the little engine that could! What a great story for missionary’s, As the little train moved farther and farther along the track all he said was I think I can, I think I can! So then we started to say that as we finally reached the top! I honestly felt like Rocky! But we are seriously working hard and we have some great families, we are teaching a family where the mom in a less active but her dad is not a member and her little boy has not been baptized yet! I’m so happy to see smiles and see the understanding about eternal family’s enter the minds of whom we teach, the secret to missionary work is teaching the doctrine, everyone wants to live with their family’s forever but no one has the authority to make it happen but..............the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! What blessing we have hahahah I love my family and I especially love those whom I teach, it’s hard to find many investigators that progress but when we do the feelings are just.... bliss! How blessed are we!

Yes I got spit on, was it gross.... yes how many times did it happen..... twice hahaha The first time was when we had just finished a activity with the ward and we where returning home, as we were walking through the very crowded streets toward the bus a young man passed by with a green mohawk and spit on me, wow it was gross but I just kept on walking.  I guess its the way the people here in Valpo start a fight, they spit on the legs or the person, after that stuff goes down then its all over! hahaha but I just kept on walking.  As I was laying in my bed last night my eyes filled with tears as I realized how much I loved that young man........ Even though I did not even know him or will never see him again, yet I love him.  My life has changed so much on the mission and I cant even begin to explain how my patience has increased and how my short temper has literally been pulverized, how I love my mission.  The other time was a little bit more scary however, we where looking for less active members and we came and found this older man who was a member and his younger drunk son was not a member.  As we walked up to him the young man was laughing and spit a bunch of lettuce all over us! Not going to lie that was disgusting and a bit horrifying to see this.  But hey we ended up just leaving and as we left we could hear the laughter of the young man, but I cant explain yet again the sadness to see those men and women in the great a spacious building and how they laugh.  It will all fall eventually, and I don’t want to see so many sons and daughters of god fall when that great and spacious building falls! So these are a part of our culture adventure!

The USA visited Valpo the other day, a bunch of subs and an aircraft carriers showed up and a bunch of American soldiers went site seeing. I honesty live in one of the most popular parts of the mission. I also felt really short standing next to all those big guys, but I’m trying my best to be a spiritual giant hahaha, it was also a reality check to see huge white guys again. I have become used to seeing shorter people, I think I have come to the conclusion that I’m tall ahahahahahahahahaha but I’m not.................... Oh well life does not depend if you’re short or not!

Elder Swindler really is the best, we started our missions together in Quilpue, we both went to Valpo as district leaders and then I went to be a district leader in his zone at Coquimbo.  As of right now we are the best companionship ever! and he likes Zelda, and he was in a rock band called mossbank, I have some serious respect for how he leads with such power! I want to be like him! 

I love you all so much! Just keep on going strong!

Elder Passey

Saying Goodbye to Marta:

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