Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19th, 2015: What a Week!

This week has been really full of blessings, it has made me ponder and wonder about all the Lord has really given me! We have been digging a huge well, that is sweet! We also met the greatest family ever and we had a great week full of rain and sun! The weather is changing like everyday so it’s hard sometimes to stay on top of the healthy side, but that’s life as a missionary.

Okay I love digging holes! I can’t believe how big we got in this well; no joke just Elder Mcelhaney and I have dug down 5 meter or like 25 feet! We are using pulley systems and everything! But it was getting really deep and we have failed to get to water.  I feel really frustrated at how we can dig so deep and have bloody hands but not water! But when I look up out of the hole and see the smiling and concerned looks of this family in a hopeless state without water and buying their own water I feel like I can keep digging, so we keep going.  I love to think of this like our testimony’s, my companion and I chatted while we dig, "we also talk all night" and we found that gaining a testimony is really like building and digging a well! Once you gain a great testimony and you feel good about how you gained one it’s harder sometimes to go deeper, we feel comfortable about where we are and we stop going down! But all we end up with is dirt and sweat; if we want to really progress in this life we need to keep digging! Until we hit the water "our savior Jesus Christ".  As for my testimony I love gaining and deepening my testimony, I am a long ways away but i'm trying! As for the well it has gotten deep and still has no water but we will get there soon!

We are teaching a great family and they are young! Their names are Adan y Gabriela! Adan is like 24 and Gabriela is like 22 and they just barely had a little girl, so they are like this little family fighting the world.  We have been teaching then a lot and they are progressing a bunch, leaps and bounds actually! Adan is a less active but he will and is coming back into the church.  We had a couple family nights with them and I made camel eye, it was so funny to see them pick at it with there forks then they chowed down! ESPECIALLY GABRIELLA BECUASE SHE JUST HAD A BABY AND EATS A TON! HAHAHA but they are really doing great and they came to church as well this Sunday! What blessings! We also made no bake peanut butter cookies and I just got to say that I love the USA its awesome! 

I cannot tell you all how happy I am! This work brings so much happiness! 

We also did some hard core workouts this week.  Today was nuts, we went with Adan and he took us running through the hills and mountains.  But not just running on a path, we climbed mountains, ran through rivers and did push ups on trees and stuff! He is a marine and works out like a stud! hahaha needless to say I about threw up and I can’t move my legs! All I could think about when we were running is "thank goodness the Lord is on my side" hahahaha but I’m doing great!

Thank you all for everything! I love you all so much!

Elder Passey

The District

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