Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th, 2015: The Most Spiritual Week Of My Life

This week, this amazing week...... will go down as the most spiritual week that I have ever had in my life and will ever have in my life.  Every day we did something out of the ordinary and I felt so blessed to have the spirit literally hug my in these great missionary efforts. I must admit that being overcome by the spirit is literally strength sucking as I also found myself so tired and with huge black lines under my eyes but the best part was the biggest grin I have ever seen on my face.  When we come unto Christ with all of our hearts we truly are given the power to remain strong and then it all goes away as soon as we get in bed.  I feel so blessed to have been engulfed in the spirit, consumed by ever lasting knowledge and help from on high, this week changed my life and I humbly cant wait to tell you why!

First of all I love my companion, what a trooper he is.  He helps me so much on becoming a better person and how I can overcome my personal trials, he is the energy I need when we are having long days and he is always really quick to tell a joke.  We have often spent hours talking about stuff during the night "by the way this really builds our relationship but the price we pay is that we are exhausted and sleep deprived"  Also he has become my greatest friend and mate companion, we drink so much mate that we start to feel bloated with water, its great to sip mate and talk like old men do, hahahahaha.  Also my night life has gone down as I don’t yell as much thank goodness! But we have done some great things together and we have learned so much together, our burdens have been made light as we work without stopping and we gain so much life experience.  We also heard that my mom and his mom went out to Applebees, hahaha we decided that they should save that money and send us food.  But we look forward to family parties in the future! How blessed I am to be his companion, I have been given that great gift all throughout my mission, its truly help and love sent directly from my Father in Heaven.

We also had interviews with President Diaz this week.  It was a total surprise and we realized that our house is not completely clean, so we started to clean like crazy! We stayed up late and cleaned everything and then went to sleep for like three hours and woke up to clean the floors and to clean some other stuff.  Well we have a backyard that is surrounded by huge fences impossible to climb "to protect us from hoodlums" and the only way you can get from the backyard to the house is through a metal door that is only opened from the other side.  Well we are trying to clean this place up and the door slams shut leaving us trapped in the backyard and freezing because it was windy and cold.  So I started to feel really trapped, I don’t like small places so I felt like going stage hulk and breaking the door down.  But in the end I decided I should lift Elder Mcelhaney up so he could try to climb through the second floor window, it was daring, it was brave, it was reckless, by it worked.  As he freed us I felt an assurance that guardian angels were indeed helping us in that situation and many others during the mission, the spirit is awesome!

P.S when we finally had the interview the Elder who is in charge of the house said we have to clean the house better I felt like someone just slapped me in the face, if only he knew how many hours we had spent cleaning this mansion that we live in............................. but we must learn to love others hahahahahaha

The interview with president was amazing, sitting alone with him for 25 minutes is like speaking directly with the Lord, he kindly helps me become better and helps me become the missionary that I want to become! Who says that dogs cant learn old tricks, I can totally learn how to be better and every day I will become better.  He helped me become better with working with stake leaders, that was awesome and we are working better with them! How I love president!

Then the next day we had a special council with president and all the zone leaders and we learned so much! They had an activity to "see whose companionship was the strongest" They asked us a series of questions and Elder Mcelhaney and I won! Boo-rah hahahahahahaha it was awesome.  They asked some hard questions and we had to answer and say what our companion would say, the first question was easy, what is your companions favorite color, then the last one was really hard, it was WHAT IS YOUR COMPANIONS FAVORITE SCRIPTURE! I had no idea hahahahaha and he had no idea what mine was either, so what I did was I guest guessed 1 Nephi 3/7 for his and I put the same scripture down for mine hahaha. I thought for sure we lost and then they asked us to see what our companions put and he put the same exact thing on his paper hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha We totally won by luck but hey I now my companion so well that I thought he would do the same type of thing, unity, the best talent we got!

Conference was the best! To be honest I was crying at the end because it was such a spiritual week and I realized that never again will I see a conference as a words can explain the complete sorrow of what that thought did to my pour little heart.  As I looked around the room I was in I saw all the faces of the missionary’s and thought I was in the very presence of angels, they looked like angels, they talked like angels and I realized that I have been so blessed to be in their presence.  It was a great conference and the talks touched my heart! Every single new apostle that spoke the spirit testifies that they are in deed seers and revelators. How blessed are we

The night ended with a personal testimony meeting with my companion, and that was why this week will go down as the most spiritual week of my life, I love you all, keep going and OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS. What more do I have to say?

Elder Passey
General Conference.  October 2015

Sometimes we get the munchies!

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