Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 12th, 2015: The Mission Life

Well we have had a great week, I feel really blessed to be apart of this great work and see the kingdom of god increase as we strive to do what’s right! I’m so thankful to hear about my brother who will join the greatest army in the face of this world on weds. I’m thankful for my loving father and mother who spend many hours late at night pleading for the lord to protect me and my companion and the mission in which I serve. So many things have happened and I feel really blessed to keep going forward and find all the miracles in my life! This week I went to the hospital because of a dog bite on my wrist that was pretty crazy! Also for the past two nights we have returned to our house to find our door open........ So I think someone is coming inside during the day,.... hahahaha that would be awful but there is nothing to rob! But we also gave a bunch of presentations to the zone and here we are! The weather is also changing so that’s nice!

So first off the dog bite, well what happened was that we found this guy named Carlos, he is cool and all but his dog was nuts! Ask my mom how it was! Mom I have to go I’m sorry but I spent all my time writing you in the start of my email... sorry! But I’m okay my health is great and I’m happy, nothing is wrong.

From Logan’s Mom:  This is what he wrote me about the dog bite:

Well I was helping some guy with my companion and the dog was freaking out "its a pit-bull mix" and he kept telling us that he would not bit, only bark.  Well he bit me and I started to bleed a little bit so we went to a members house and they drove us to the hospital where I waited for six hours to be attended to....... We got there at about five thirty and at midnight I got my shots,,,,,,, I might have to go back and get more shots in my stomach, we will see how that goes.

These are pictures from the Vina Del Mar Mission blog, of the October Leaders meeting:

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